Hm, so ya. That journey was the longest journey I ever had in my life. 30 hours, plus transits.

Oh god, I wanted to write the Fulbright experience but I end up posting something else.

Here I am, jumpy. lol but I really have to write this before I forget.

So the journey started from Soetta airport, at around 9 AM, with a whole bunch of family came to say good bye, or just to see me leave. Funny enough, I didn’t feel sad now that I will separate with my beloved family. My parent’s prayer must have been heard by my God, alhamdulilah. I was excited about the transit to Narita instead. Stupid me.

And the stupid me said the wrong thing to airline officer, I should have said that I want my baggage to be checked though all the way to Harrisburg, where I will have my gateway program, instead I said I want to check through to Atlanta. So I was running back to the counter, only to find out that the baggage had been transferred to the plane. So I got into the plane, worried about my baggage. The officer told me that cuz I will have my plane changed to Delta ( bless you Delta for allowing me take 23 kgx2 baggage, my friend even survive with her 28×2 kg!) so I can talk to the check in counter in Singapore that I want my baggage to go to Harrisburg. Even so I wasn’t take it easy.

Anyway, during the short flight to Singapore, the guy sitting next to was a very nice Japanese guy that help me to put my huge cabin bag, talk to me all the way till singapore. Nice Mr. Goto, I hope we can me again.

Then the 7 of Fulbrighter was stranded in the huge Changi airport. And it was midnight at around 23ish, but we can’t see it that way. It was so bright, just like mid day.

Then we need to wait for the next flight at 5 in the morning. So we kinda play around to find the gate. It was so far, and we played with the sky train. Anyway so there was no time to sleep because the check in started at 3AM. There I was finally settle with my baggage. Alhamdulilah. Then off to plane to Narita.

The journey was good, the seat next to me was empty. and the girl sat by the window was nice too, alhamdulilah, she asked me if she can raise her feet to the seat so that I can sit like in the train to Java, straightening my feet. feels so good.. so I had a nice sleep, alhamdulilah.

Narita ( I wrongly pronounced it naruto once), narita.. oh god how beautiful that sound in my ear. The land I have been dreaming all these year, I will step on it. literally, since it was only for 2 brief hour. I thank you god for letting me step in Japan. Next time please let me stay longer to visit places I have been dreaming of.. ya ya? Like summer intern or a bit of working there..

Anyways, so in narita airport we change our plane to the one that will take us to the United States of America.

America, here I come..



During the flight, I felt kind of numb because of the long flight. We were also changing time zone. During our flight from Narita to Harrisburg, the captain told us to close the window since we were leaving Japan Standard Time to Pacific Time. That being said, we left Japan in the afternoon and would see the sun rise again during our flight to US. In order to adjust out biological clock, the captain asked us to close the window so we would feel like its getting dark (while outside was actually bright) so we can sleep.

We couldn’t take any food with us in the airport but don’t worry the Delta airline will keep you nourished lol. After a few hours the crew would bring food, snack, or drinks. I personally didn’t drink a lot because I didn’t want to go too often to the bathroom. Lucky if I got the seat next to alley but if not, uh oh. You won’t get starved lol. For moslems, don’t be shy to ask them of the food contains pork or not.

There would be entertainment during the flight too. You could see movies, playing mp3 (poor me because I love Japanese music, none of them were available) but there were Rouruni Kenshin so I was still happy. Honestly (and luckily) I slept in most of my journey so I had enough adjustment when I arrived in the US. You could bring your ipad, mp3 player, tablet or whatever to keep yourself entertained lol.

Some travel tips, bring light jacket. You will never know how cold or hot is it in the plane, and if you don’t need your jacket, you can use it as your pillow. Yay~. Also, wear comfortable clothes. I learned this because I had a lot of field trips during my undergrad ( yeaah field trips!), don’t wear highheels if you don’t feel compfy with it. At least for me, for a 30 hours journey, comfy comes first. You can always do what you want though lol.

Safe Trip!