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I have a weird sense of music, one might say. Absolutely anti mainstream, well I do like pop sometime but it is not my style.

I love Japanese Rock, or so called Visual Kei. I was so fascinated with beautiful boys rocking like.. well rocking with huge make up on. That is all make no sense but I think at some point of a teenager life, one with chance may end up liking it. total weird. Later on I find them weird too, but still beautiful. I love the GazettE btw. I still listen to them but change slightly to another band. I loved this band since I was in junior high, but when I got a nightmare caused by their music, I stopped. In college, I met a friend who like Dir en Grey and at that time their songs was improved a lot and not so hard-core ear-ripping songs. Well in the end, apparently just that album in the later album they go hard core again but I already fall for Kyo’s growl and screams. Oh That adorable man (?).

My definition of the music I like is the music that I can feel. I don’t understand most of the lyrics, yes because they are in Japanese, and half other reasons are because Kyo constantly growling and screaming and I don’t catch what he said although I have the lyrics with me. I never thought I will love this kind of band and song but I do. Starting of with Vinushka, that uber long song which somehow I can get the rhythm. Then my all time favorite, Inconvenient Ideal. This sooth, smooth, song which filled with sorrow. Which was suited my mood at that time cuz I kinda have a problem with my friend so it just fit me. I feel them. Then the dir en grey virus started to hijack me, and afterwards, I like a lot of their songs post Visual Kei era. I particularly love Withering to Death and Marrow of a Bone. I love them so much I asked my friend who went to Japan for their exchange study buy me one CD back.  I still listen to them now, occasionally. I do prefer the unplugged version cuz I can enjoy Kyo’s beautiful, soothing and filled with despair voice. Lately, I love his screams too, it somehow convey my hatred and frustration. Just can’t make me concentrate tho.

Different sense was wayy to hard for me. Maybe its caused by their Europe tour and they are inspired by many rock festivals.

But I like rinkaku and the unravelling. I love diru. that is enough for me. So be it if I am considered not having normal taste of music. I don’t care. I love what I love. I love Diru as it is now suit me. Ah I just have no explanation why I like them. I just do.

Why I bring this up?

Dir en Grey is going to have a concert in the city when I currently live, Dallas, Texas. And I was dying to go there. Alhamdulillah I got someone to ride with, so I am going. YESSSSS XDDD

Then few days before, I asked my friend who do speak at ppi radio, its an online radio for indonesian students all over the world. meaning the radio is monitored by a lot of indonesian student all over the world. And i begged my friend to play Diru song for me. And she picks up the loudest one I have ever heard. GOD. I felt guilty towards all of the listener. but actually, inside I am happy.


God why I have such abnormal taste of music?

And why I enjoy it much?

haha what I know now is that I love diru’s music and I don’t really care with what other think but I realize that not everyone can enjoy it as well.

For anyone… who listened to radioppi.org and ruined their ears off cuz of Diru songs, I apologized.