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Dir en Grey GHOUL TOUR 2013 kick off in the US

Dir en Grey is back to their US and Canada Tour as the part of their GHOUL tour 2013. It has been two years since their last visit to the US. Fans had been waiting for them since last year’s gig was cancelled due to Kyo being hospitalized. The anticipation could be seen with the long queue far before the opening venue with the fans already come hours before the venue even opened under the cold wind breeze.

The crowd seems excited to meet their beloved artist. As the member shows up, the crowd was roaring with excitement. Their long wait has paid off. Shinya came out with his long sleeve shirt, nicely take his position behind his drum set. Die with his spikey red hair and casual green shirt. Then Toshiya wearing turtle neck with checkered skirt. Kaoru, stood cool and calm manner. Toshiya looked pretty, and ready to rock.

Then Kyo enter, under thin layer of black fabric and wearing a kimono which he wear like a robe, black, hooded, mysterious figure attracting loud roar from the crowd. As his face unveiled, it reveals Kyo’s face, his face was drawn to resemble a skull-like face which may meant to convey the title of the tour ‘Ghoul’.

This tour not necessarily done in order to promote their mini album ‘The Unravelling’ although there are a lot of song coming out from that album. Mostly old songs that are remake and re-do with their current improved skills which make the song’s awesomeness multiplied hundred times.

Starting with REIKETSU NARISEBA, Diru start really the mood high and the crowd seem connected to the song at an instant. People start head banging, screaming along with Kyo, tossing their hand to the air, as they try to reach those awesome dudes. Shinya’s drum resound in the concert, shattering audience’s heart and soul. You literally feels your heart beat with it. Accompanied by shouting guitar from Kaoru and Die, and Toshiya’s bass to make the sound complete.

The crowd was pre-heated by the performance of the previous opening band, Dagoba. They already created mosh pit and people are pushed all over the place. Crowd surfing, constant head banging, screaming was all over the place.

Then they put the crowd down a little with Unknown.Despair.Lost with Kyo’s soothing sound like a lullaby the instantly change to high-pitched scream, with his natural voice. It is continued by Karma and Gaika. Dir en Grey really know how to connect with their audience emotionally. They raised the emotion witching from slow paced tone to intense growling. It was at around these songs Kyo decided it was the perfect time to hurt himself. He might feel good with the emotion of the wild crowd. He paused, scratch his mouth then spit blood to smear it on his face. As if he is adding painting on his face with his own blood. The crowd, roar for this action.

Around Dozing Green and Bottom of the Death Valley were the soft-toned songs that they perform. They magically turn the loud roaring audience to soothing and calm mood. You just need to feel it with your body, and the whole fans moves along with the rhythm like a moving waves along with the rhythm. As kyo moves towards the rhythm.

There was a silence, and as kyo stand in the center of the stage, glare and looking the audience with his death-stare, it was creepy with his ghoul-like face and white eyes kyo looks like he a devil looking at his prey.

Then the band escalate the mood with the Blossoming Beelzebub. The set getting hotter with louder songs like Rinkaku, karasu and Different Sense people just pushing here and there, at the right side of the stage probably mosh pit already formed, crowd surfing making people swims in the sea of people. It was total riot and it seems the band absorbing the energy of the chaotic crowd. They escalate the mood higher until everyone screaming with them and head banging violently. Kyo looks like he is possessed, or he is trying to possess the audience screaming his heart out.

The flow of this concert was really good, Dir en Grey seems to know how to handle their audience well. How to raise their emotion, to calm them down and raise it again until it reaches maximum before they end the show. The quality of the sound was flawless, despite of the small venue and stage, instead being obstacle it create intimate interaction between Dir en Grey and the fans. Fans scream out after each songs end, as if begging for more song to play. More songs to fill their soul. There is no song to highlight, because every song is the highlight. Every song the band played is received and responded with loud roar, and as kyo scream in his  signature high-pitch-tonsil-ripping scream and growl, fans responded the same loud roar and it was just all mess and somehow, there is harmony in-between the band and the fans.

Kasumi is one old song they remake in 2003 and also in the new mini album the unravelling. It is definitely one of the song that sing-able so the audience could totally drown into the song. Feeling the emotion the band trying to convey to the fans.

In vinushka, Kaoru’s acoustic guitar and Kyo’s gentle voice start to calm the audience down a bit, then his long stretched voice screaming through the song and then he seems to totally engrossed in the concert, dances along with the music. I am not sure if that could be described as dance though, it is more like theatrical and spontaneous movement that kyo do based on his mood. His kimono and black fabric was gone and the fans could clearly see the vocalist. In his dances, he sometime seems like he is in trance.

After they go for encore, the crowd calling their name in one voice, calling them to return to the stage. And as they do, the band brings THE FINAL, as if it’s signing that the dream will end soon. THE FINAL responded by loud screams from the fans. Each and every song that Dir en Grey feed to the fans had been received wildly, but since the fans somehow realize that at some point this concert will end, and since they just come from encore. The crowd screams like crazy.

As THE FINAL END, kyo raised his hand and said: ‘One last song’ and crowd replied ‘NUOOOOOOOOOOOO’. Kyo had to repeat himself few times, and other member also help him. They did not say any other word. It is somehow amazing to know that they do not speak in English to the crowd but yet the band and the audience get an intimate interaction all along the concert. It feel so hard to know the concert will end, but in some point it will end.

As the intro for Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami『激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 started, the fans tried to carve these moments to their memory, feeling the band for the last song.


  1. Reiketsu Nariseba
  2. Unknown. Despair. Lost
  3. KARMA
  6. Bottom of the Death Valley


  2. Dead Tree
  5. Karasu


  3. Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami『激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇』


thank you Allah for picking this city for me. I JUST WENT TO DIR EN GREY’s CONCERT IN DALLAS *dancing in joy* Oh god I LOVE it. LOOOOOVE it. The feeling and emotion could not be explained. Dir En Grey performing love in front of my eyes.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here is some of my pics, but it was nearly impossible to get good pic since I only had my samsung galaxy with me, in the middle of chaos.  Totally blurred, but I had captured them in my head and my mind LOL

Totchi, constantly posing. He realize that he is hot and he demands a lot of attention, frequently. GOD YES TOTCHI I WILL GIVE ALL U WANT *DIES*

2013-11-03 23.12.34

Kaoru, who play next to Totchi. Cool and Calm, sasuga leader-san



Adorkable kyo ❤

2013-11-03 22.49.15

2013-11-03 22.51.45

Here is another great review ( and awesome photos) from Stephen Anthony : Dir en grey kick off U.S. leg of Ghoul in Dallas – 11/3/13 – Trees, Dallas, TX