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I have planned to visit New York at some point of my student life in the US. After all, New York is the image of US that I know (from movies etc lol). I went to NY at 31st of January by plane straight from Dallas to La guardia, NY. I have this whole list of things I wanna see there, mostly sightseeing and an oath to take great pictures, and of course a hell of adventure. I was hoping that I will have a nice experience in New York and I did! XD

Started with experiencing New Year’s eve at Time Square, which is has become total failure since I arrived so late and all ways from Time Square has been blocked, all the way from 5th avenue. We used the Metro and stopped at 34th Street since 42th street was closed by the police. Still not fully comprehend what’s happening -and yes, I am the spontaneous a.k.a plan-less traveler =w= – I strolled down the street and tried to met my friends. Another total failure since it was so crowded and busy -much more busier than Pasar Baru in lebaran season lol-

Well anyway we made it to see the Ball that should be dropp at exactly 00.00 1//1/2014 :DBut the police keeps us away from it. They pushed everyone away from the Time Square area and I heard people were staying at the Time Square since 2PM till midnight, and then it was locked down since around 7ish. Basically they are camping, omg they are so strong.. and dedicated.

Imagethat white ball is the ball for the balldrop.

After that we ( me and two other friends of mine) walk some more toward the Rockefeller center, which unfortunately the christmas light was off. And then we continue to the Radio city, some other fancy shop at 5th avenue before we felt hungry and ate at a street vendor. The street vendor sold Halal food, which is awesome. And after a while we went to Time Square.

And then around 3AM we went home. Bumped into some drunkards, its funny to see someone drunk. they make funny things, and do stupid things too. Like screaming in the road, walking not straight, swimming in the confetti…they are amusing, as long as they are not bothering..

The next day I slept till noon, not so much like my style but it can;t be helped since I slept at 6 AM hahaha and then my feidn had to go to the ariport like.. ASAP haha so we take her and she barely enters the plane.. thank god.

Then I went to see Brooklyn brigde, It was magnificent. with the lights and all.. Manhattan looked so pretty with all those light decorate the buildings. Glimmering like a beautiful jewels.

A far I can see Liberty statue, World trade center, rockefeller, Empire state, all NY landmarks..its so beautiful. Im feeling like im in NY. just like the scenes from the movies.

Beside the cold wind it was perfect. and oh beside my stupidity to not able to take pics at night. oh I must learn more of night photography..

Then we went to Katz Delicatessen, my friend want to go there cuz its famous from the movie When Harry met Sally, and apparently its so famous since long time ago so they even had lots of celebrities even President coming there

They have sandwiches, HUGE and good sandwiches. Even at 10PM they are still so busy. I got a turkey and my friend got pastrami. We couldnt finish it since it was huuuge ass portion lol

The next day my friend got a bit headache so I went ahead and hunt for the first light, at first I planned to stroll around Astoria, where I stayed but I changed my mind and head to Brooklyn bridge instead. Brilliant. And experiencing the complex NY subway. Kind of challenging since I don’t have my google map with me. oh well, I think it will be sort of fun. Going alone in NY。 But well,, sometime its good to be lost, in order to fin oneself, one sometime need to be lost.

Oh then as I went to Brooklyn bridge, I was kinda late since I lost -oh well- at the transfer station and when I get there .. I got a bit dissapointed since the sky is gloom.. well I think there are good pictures come out from the gloomy sky too tho. So I walk at the bridge -good think my friend brought me there so I know where to go- and the to the City Hall, and make another yet awesome idea to go to Time Square and re-visit places I went last night. I hadn’t have a good pics anyway. So I went to the Time Square, filled with tourist -like me- and find cheap souveniers lol 😀

My trip then changed -like my mind, change all the time- and I re-made a decision to make a route from Time Square to Rockefeller and the to Central Park. Its not too far -in the map yeah and NY is walk-able city tho-. Rockefeller center seems to have more than when I visited last two days ago, The light was on -at daylight ahaha- and there are a lot of beautiful statues there. Which I kinda missed when I just walk trhu it two days ago. I kinda like it walking on my own so I can hv my pace to do anything. Maybe If i go with some badass camera pro friends I will be happier but then I totally enjoy it, taking pictures and just immesed in the moment. _of the busy touristas? ahahaha come on-


not as badass as I would think but it capture everything- sigh, I need to do loooots more practices in photography-

Then another yet awesome journey… to the Central Park!

How hard could it be, its just few block away. big deal, I got  a map. I’ll be fine

-that is what I think- But No! I was wrong. I went to opposite direction to what I should have gone to. I went one block then unsure, the  turn left, or is it right. I was apparently walking away further to the Central Park. Nope, not good. Then at one street I don’t even know where I am. This is lost, like really lost.

Good thing about New York, if you lost. Find a subway, then you will be able to know where your position is. And voila, I saw E and M subway. then I am able to locate where I am and where I am going. Like life, make a goal, know where current your position is and then go to the destination lol. And then finally at Lexington Av I see MoMa, as I walk thru MoMa, my feet was so sore because I did not walk enough in Dallas ahaha lazy me =3= then after two blocks.. I FOUND IT asdfgh *danceinjoy*

But then it was kind of cold.. The pond was frozen.

I LIKE ITT XDDD ahaha I have never seen snow before so the prospect of having flurries and snows brighten my day 😀


Howell.. That is about the 31-2Jan

I will post the next day later.