I have a great teacher, Dr. Herve Abdi.

I really like how he teach Research Method ( mainly about statistics) I have never been good with math, moreover, statistics.

But he incorporate his knowledge in neuroscience to let his students truly understand the topics he teach.

Here are listed some of the theories he brought and applied in class.

1. Making mental Imagery, Human are better thinking when they have mental image, and then make stories of the images. (My dad once told me about this, and he does not need any neuroscience class to know it lol, proud of my dad. HAd he got the chance, he will be a better student than me). I have read somewhere that the world’s best mnemonist could remember incredibly a lot of stuff because he can make stories out of things he remember.

2. Memory chunks. Human’s attention is limited, therefore he split his class (since obviously students can think straight after 3 hours. Brain does not work with that lol). He is also forbid his students to take notes because he argued that motor activity (writing) will divert attention from prefrontal cortex. He got the point. 

3. He bring the formulas to live. Interesting enough, he sometime talks about the people behind the formulas such as Fisher, Student, Kolmogorov, he told us about the mathemathician’s personality and background so then when I see the formula I think about the person and how great he was to think of those equations. Personalized math stories, unexpectedly, interesting. 

well I can only think of those two, but I really love how he teach in class, he sometime pretend that there is a boggart under the desk and say “the reviewer (boggart) will say your experiments are fluke if you don’t do your statistics well”. He would also say things as if he is conversing with someone else. 

He is also a scholar from my current scholarship, Fulbright. Making me think, of how good Dr. Abdi in what he does, will I be able to do as good as he is in my field. And also, a tiny burst of joy, knowing I am in the same league as he was, hoping I could do as good as him or even better.