That refers to Jilbab. Why you wear it? Is there any special meaning to it? I got a lot of this question as I step my feet to this free country. It is not that I did not expect it. I do. Its just sometime hard to explain hahaha

Start with the question: Why wear hijab, why I need to cover my hair?

Formally speaking, as a moslemah ( A woman that hold Islam as a religion), I believe that Allah, has told us to cover our hair for several reasons:  every woman is beautiful and those beauty are only for the family and husband to see. The idea of wearing hijab is not to attract attention from other men that are not muhrim ( not family or husband). Alhtough it is compulsory to wear hijab, it goes back to the person if she wants to obey Allah and wear hijab then it is good for her. If not then it is also her choice. Cmiiw Personally I worn hijab few months before I came to US. I also didn’t know why. I just feel like I want to. Obey Allah, yes. But then I also feel that it was right to do. 

Faith is my first reason.

Then I talked to several sisters here to know how they answer these questions.

One of the best answer for me is: Woman are highly respected in Islam, so she is not available for public view, only the family and husband can see her beauty.

Another friend told me she answered with ‘ I want to be seen by my thoughts and knowledge, not by how I look’


No matter what, I try to explain my best to people who ask because for me they are just curious to know the reason.

Do you have another opinion about it?