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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend UTD UX Club event which brought Michael Griffith to talk about his experiences in ‘ 4 Years Living Lean’

I had been seeing the term Lean UX for a while but I wasn’t really sure of what it is. I haven’t read the Lean UX book either.

From the event, my takeaway was that the Lean UX is one of the effort to use low-fi techniques to achieve hi-fi achievement/deliverable. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Michael Griffith worked at HP before joined to Bottle Rocket. There he told us about how he use minimum effort to make the work pace in their office become more effective and faster. He did it by using whiteboard to make user journey, solving problem which then he directly send (the picture of the whiteboards with possible solutions) to the client and walk through the client to show the idea if its okay or not. This eliminate the time and effort needed to make a deck or make the ideas pretty in document (and thus live in hardware). Then if the clients thinks its brilliant (or not) they continue with it. It is also discussed that Lean UX is not solely better or the next thing after agile or waterfall. I think this is another effort to make production more effective, Michael illustrate the whole process is like a sandwich, where agile is between waterfall and Lean (again, please correct me if I am wrong). Because its impossible to do agile 100%, where UX, developer, IA, work simultaneously. Some part of the team should go first and then might be agile could be done while iterating the whole process. However, the note is each project and team are unique so I think another take away from the talk is how to implement things that might work to your project. I personally see Lean UX as a great way to start and explore ideas quickly, after the ideas converge and specialize, agile and waterfall could be used to make the product.

I admire this effort to always try making things better and more effective.

You can see his presentation in Prezi about 4 Years of Living Lean .

I hope I make sense and hopefully can implement this in my future work. This is merely an observation from a student point of view though, I need to read a book and implement this to fully understand the whole concept.