Ever since I graduated from my bachelor university, I always wonder how will I ever be able to study after this. I still want to study because there are so many things I don’t know about my field of knowledge, my life and simply everything. The funny thing is, the more I read, the more I know that I don’t know.

That is one of there reason I want to continue studying to master degree because I feel I have’t finish learning.

But learning process never end.

I had a narrow view of studying and learning. I thought it only happen in class, of course not. I realize it a while ago. I should’ve realize it sooner. Human never stop learning, we learn to walk, we learn to talk, we learn to see, we learn to write, we learn to speak, these are the skills we learned since childhood. Its not happening in class, of course. But that is the thing that I missed out, learning is not only happening in class. I can learn from people around me, how they react to things, how they think about things, what is their knowledge about things.

So for me now, leaning is a process, a life-long process with the world as my classroom, people around me as my teachers and sometime there are quizzes and exams (its just they aren’t scheduled like in the class). I want to learn from now until.. my last breath. Life is my new university.


Dallas, Tx