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I currently back to anime, and my music taste seems to change to that as well. I recently made a hypothesis that a good anime (for me) has great story- well at least unpredictable for me, awesome artwork and great music.

I have been paying attention to nice OST (well who doesn’t), the first anime composer that I adore was Kajiura Yuki @Fion0806I noticed her fine work at Noir, mai Hime and Tsubasa Reservoir. She definitely has distinct style. Then she produced FictionJunction and Kalafina. she has this European opera style and I lately knows if its her music I am listening lol.

Then Joe Hisaishi, man I love this guy. He made original soundtrack for Ghibli, his Ghibli concert makes me feel… emotional lol. Just by listening to the music I can recall the part and feeling when I saw the movie (thus make me want to see the movie again). Mononoke hime soundtracks: Ashitaka Seki, Tatarigami and Mononoke hime are wonderful. omg, it makes me had this frisson everytime I hear those songs. The soundtracks from Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi/ spirited away are also beautiful. I wish they played more of those in Ghibli concert rather than ponyo ost lol. He usually produces classical orchestral-like songs.

With these two composers, I had frissons, those goosebumps when you hear something really good.

I found another yet mind blowing superb composer, Sawano hiroyuki @Sawano_nZk. I started notice this guy since Kill la Kill. Sawano use a lot of tech sound during Kill la Kill. I am not big fan of Kill la kill, its amusing though the story is interesting and the artwork is very distinct. Its kinda old style anime, the color, line and the nuances reminds me of older anime but its good. Well anyway, then I notice that Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan was composed by him too. LOL I am a BIG fan of it! many feelsssssss D: It took me no time hooking up to the SnK soundtracks. This person has weird naming sense, sometime its like a random letters that he accidentally typed. What the heck is eye-water? Kll@kiLL? XL-TT? His newest project is Aldnoah.Zero.  Ao no Exorsist is also composed by him, I don’t really fall for it, I only like the track ‘Exorcist’.  ). Sawano has different sound in each anime. He use a lot of techno sound during Kill la Kill, then change to a bit of orchestra in Shingeki no Kyojin and back to techno in Aldnoah. Well he might adjusting the sound with the anime theme.

The fourth composer that I like would be Takanashi Yasunaru. His songs in Mononoke (not mononoke hime but the mononoke with kusuriyuri) was amazing. The anime itself was gorgeous, beautiful artwork, pattern and texture everywhere, twisted story oh man its amazing. He also made ost for Shiki by Fujiryu. I didn’t follow the anime, I only follow the manga well as always Fujiryu make sophisticated and humorous manga. Eau de Vie is my favorite from all Shiki ost.

Random night ramble after cogpsy exam.


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