Today, after doing my Cogpsy test and attended MSA’s coffee talk, I went to UTD UX Club meeting with Gladys Rosa-Mendoza. She brought a talk entitled: ‘Learning from the Best’

Gladys is a UX Lead Researcher and Strategist at AT&T. She bring forth a lot of advertisement that have won awards and discuss what can we learn from them. The ads that were shown were interesting, smart, innovative and I can talk about the beautiful common stuff that goes for these awards. Gladys organize the ads into several categories so we can take lessons of what make the ads stand out from the other.

1. Traits that you can see: There should be trends that you definitely can see. Gladys encourage us to check out contagious
to know the current trend. She showed several ads that relate to this category:

Babolat tennis racket offer a racket that record your performance, and using app, even compare your performance to other top player or player around you. The technology that enable this racket to record your shot, spin (im sorry I dont know tennis lol), this offer interactive functionality where you can monitor your progress and compare yourself to other player. In short, its a cool racket and it offer new experience to the player.

car dealer offer full digital interaction. they do not showcase cars in their outlet but instead
2. Simple, but offer innovation, answer challenge,

Ads by Nivea about Sun Kids protection, this ads doesn’t sell sunscreen (I answered it wrongly lol), but instead it offer protection. Its a brilliant ads that present its strong message not by the product but with a bracelet for kids so their mom can locate their location when they are playing at the beach. This bracelet helps the mother and convey strong message that Nivea protects you (your kid and also your skin lol).


Handwriting email; offer more personal email by making your own handwriting. This is pretty cool because it enable us to make personalized email which .. well.. more personal.

3. Experience by few, viewed by many

Gladys show ads about Harley Davidson. I am not a bike fan, but looking at the person who was riding a Harley motor for test drive, then surrounded by 60 other bikers and in the end he felt like a part of Harley wasn’t he. So I think this is also an example of how the experience touch the user. Its not only about the bike, but the community and experience that might be more interesting to the user.

4. Right a wrong

I like this idea, this ads are trying to contribute to environment and society. It almost feel like CSR to me though, but still I like it because it feels like the company tries to give back to environment.

5. What if? What if!

I completely forgot what she said about this.. sorry my brain was not working properly..

6. Making something ordinary Extraordinary

The example that Gladys shown was an ad from DHL. Where they make their competitors advertise for DHL. They create a package that have thermoactive foil and cooled them under freezing point so the package with ‘DHL is faster’ writing on it was colored black and it reveal the writing when they are exposed in temperature below freezing point- well, when the other companies send the package.


The most important thing is these ads win people’s heart, they relate to the customer, they are not selling product but experience.