As I sat on my 2 hour journey back to my apartment, I was half-awaken, staring blankly to the reddish sky.

This woman suddenly looked at me and ask: “Can you speak Arabic?”

I wear hijab, that is maybe why she asked me that.

“No” I said, ” I can read, but I don’t understand what that means”. I felt a bit of shame at that time, how I could not understand what I read and that Quran which is written in Arabic supposedly is my life guideline. But this woman does not care about that, not for that occasion. She was just plain curious.

I might learn Arabic someday in my future. Because its the language of the holy Quran. It is still ok now since there is translation in the Quran that I can read. Its the language that I use when I pray. Well I know some of the meaning of the prayers, I am still learning.

Wouldn’t that make more sense and meaning…

Just a random question during my commute when I did my internship.

Dallas, 2014.