I love drawing, so much.

Around 7 years ago, I met with a group of another enthusiast in my hometown, Depok. Those were a bunch of giggling girls who love anime, manga and Japan stuff. They drew fanart and one of them succeed in her persistence in illustration and currently worked as illustrator in Gumi. She is awesome.

Then I knew deviantart, looking at those people excel and other people’s drawing who are so damn good, I was devastated. I felt worthless so as what I used to do. I ran away. I thought, its not for me. I was a biology student at that time. I am not an artist (yes, pushed all more reason not to draw). That moslem can’t draw living things. All the more reason not to. I almost burn my sketchbooks.

Now, I have the opportunity to learn design. I bought a sketchbook and I…realized that I still love drawing. when I finished my first fanart after years of not drawing at all…  I had this sudden realization that I really, really, really love drawing. I had left it, now its coming back to me, it means I have to face this. I was scared, I am still scared. What if my drawings sucks, what if I messed up the anatomy, what if the color doesn’t go well, what if.. if… I was afraid of color, so I always end up doing black-white. I hate background so I only drew people. um no, now, I will face them all because I love drawing. I draw fanart mostly, well I gotta start from something that I love, no?

Now I picked up where I had left my drawing. My hand is rusty… my line are shaky. My drawing still sucks. But I will practice more. Hey, Kuroko practice a lot so he become a good basketball player right? so I might be better if I practice a lot too. I don’t know if in the future I could be a UX designer. For now I only know that I love drawing. It makes me happy. I will just do it. I straighten up my intention that I will draw for my practice, to know and apply color theories, making good composition etc. If it is wrong then I will let Allah judge me.

I am back to DA, at rihito . I am thinking to move it to pixiv ID 9737739 . Please drop by and say hi 🙂

Kaneki said hi to you too XDkaneki


Dallas, Tx