” Faintly sparkling blue wires
Connect one person to another
They look beautiful, like a silk thread
Could this what they called ‘fate’ ”


(Wired Life – Meisa Kuroki)

How much is the probability for you to meet another person, out of around 7 billion person in this whole entire earth. Why them, why at the particular time in your life, why?

I believe there are reasons to meet people.  Some good, some not so good but those you met are necessary for you to learn and become a better person. From people that are good, you look up and try to be a better person; from those who are not so good, you learn not to do what they did. Some people in your life are family, some are friends become close friends who felt like your own family, some just casual friends, some just pass your life and left without you notice.

Each of us, meet one person by one person and are related by the wire. Those wired life, reflect our humane nature as social creature.

-night randomness-

Dallas, Tx.