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I have been thinking to travel as much as possible during my study in United States. My first adventure was visiting New York at New Year’s Eve then visited my friend in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I actually enjoying the adventure.

During my summer break, I went on a Journey to East Coast, I planned to finished off my east coast adventure. So I made a plan to visit Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., Boston, New York and Raleigh. I have been planning it since the beginning of Spring 2014. I knew I wanted to go, but heck there was so many turbulence and uncertainty during the Spring semester so I wasn’t quite sure if I can pull it off. Alhamdulilah, fortunately I obtained an internship during my Spring semester. I wasn’t sure if they still want me to be around during summer though but they did. I was so lucky, but then this interrupt my plan to have a vacation during summer break. I was in agony whether to go or not. I initially had a friend who said wanted to come but in the end they didn’t finalize the plan. I also need to cut my journey from 2 weeks to 9 days. I originally planned to travel from Dallas – Chicago – Michigan – Philadelphia – Niagara Falls – Boston – D.C. – New York – Raleigh. I had to cancel my plan to visit friends in Chicago and Michigan.

I made my plan in details and browse what things to do, contacted people I knew in those cities (if any), make detailed schedule by hour and by day, bought the tickets and voila~ There I was on my summer adventure.

My first destination was Philadelphia. I went from Dallas by plane (at 4 AM in the morning because I want to get cheaper ticket lol!). So by 10 AM I was already in Philadelphia. My parent’s friend has a little brother there and I came by to visit them. I was picked up my Umi Hani, the wife with their children. Then they took me for lunch in downtown and told me the interesting spot in Philly. Going with local’s guide is the best, they know the city so well and can tell you spots that aren’t mentioned in any tourist book or internet tips.

Philadelphia has arranged a cheap way for tourist to go around the historical places in town. The city, brimmed with history has so many things to offer. Their first recommendation was to cruise the city using the tour bus. There are a lot of tour of course, but I chose the cheapest one lol called Phlash.Its just 5$ a day and the route enable us to tour the city in a loop. It is also visited a lot of Philly Landmark.

So that helps me out with my Philly adventure. During the first day, they took me around with their car. I went to visit a farmer’s market, and went to an Indonesian store~ what a refreshing trip because I could talk in Javanese in the shop.  The next days I went by public transportation. The public transportation in Philly wasn’t too bad. I just need to be home before dark, because I wasn’t familiar with the city and I was alone lol. But I must say that I really like Philadelphia because there are a lot of moslems and its just heartwarming to have someone said salam in the street, I didn’t even get that much salam in Dallas. So I was very grateful.

There are quite a lot of Indonesian in Philly too, my first day when I was waiting the subway, someone ask me if I am Indonesian and he was also Indonesian ( I think we can tell each other from our appearance?) and he happened to came from Austin, and Bandung. What a small world.

Philadelphia has a lot to offer; the museums are great. I spent three days there and I still need more time to explore all places. The museums that I visited was Philadelphia museum of Art (which is huge and when you buy ticket its actually valid until a day after so they actually a good deal),  Eastern State Penitentiary and Independence Hall. If I have more time, I shall go back and visit more museum.  Next to Philadelphia Museum of Art, there was boat houses. The houses were places to keep boat and they were so beautiful.

Philadelphia Museum of Art


 Eastern State Penitentiary

This was the place where Al Capone was imprisoned. Yes, this was a prison.



These are some of the boat houses


DSC_0871 DSC_0884


 I am a fan of flowers, accidentally there was Azalea garden next to the boat houses too.
It was a pleasant day so I took my lunch in the garden.
 DSC_0783 DSC_0788 DSC_0792 DSC_0796 DSC_0803 DSC_0809 DSC_0813 DSC_0910
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