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During my summer adventure, I lost my hand-phone in Megabus. It was my own fault, I thought I put it on my jacket but it seemed to fell and someone kindly picked it up. I lost it between Niagara-Washington D.C.It was nerve wrecking. Few minutes after I realized that that hand-phone was gone, my body felt heavy. My mind went blank. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know who to ask for help, I felt like I was all alone. with no one to help me. Then something struck me, I have no one I knew in D.C., I have no communication, no online map, and I needed to contact my friend in Boston in the following day, I never met her yet, I didn’t know where she live. Things just getting better one after another.

So I walked out from the union station, where the Megabus parked. I aimlessly walked to a park. I sat on a bench and contemplated. As I cursed myself for my own stupidity, I realized that well I am still in D.C. Thank god I printed my map and destinations. So, might as well enjoy my day in D.C. Getting sad over my lost phone wouldn’t help me get it back. So I gathered my courage and explore the city, without GPS, without phone.

Smithsonian museums were close by and most of them were free so you need to check it out. I put my bag to one of the museum and that seemed to be a good idea because I don’t have to go around with my huge bag filled with a week survival necessities. While I still ponder on my stupidity that cost me my handphone, one of the security helped me. He said salam to me, and said that he was a moslem too. I randomly talked to him about what happened and I asked if there was a public computer that I can use to contact my parents and my friends. He sympathized with me and quickly offered his phone to contact my parents and friends. I was very touched by his kindness, I mean, who was I? I was a total stranger to him and maybe because he think of me as a sister as in moslem sister he was not hesitated at all to help me (may Allah will help him when in need). At that time, the phrase “All moslem are brother and sister” had real meaning to me. It is true. It is real. I realized the truth of that word. May I also be able to help my moslem brother and sister when they need and I can help. Amin. I was thinking that Allah sent him to help me out. Well there you go, there were always goodness in His plan. So thanks to that, I could contact my friend and well at least one problem solved. I said my regards to the brother and continued my journey in D.C.

The museums were super close to each other. I would need more than a day to visit them all.

My first goal was the white house, so I walked through the museums, passed the Washington monument and to Lincoln memorial. The White house was closed, well, I figured. But there were a lot of people there as well. We couldn’t came close to the gate. We had to stand in the middle of the field. It was hot, I intended to take a picture of the white house and left. But the ranger told us that Mr. Obama was on the way to the white house. Wow! And a moment after, There were three choppers flew above us and its sooooooo cooooooool!!!!! I mean, I only had half day to spent in D.C. but I got to see the president (chopper). It was a great feeling.

White House (and the chopper!)





Lincoln Memorial

DSC_0526 DSC_0530

The best thing about D.C. was that the places were within walking distance and the museums were mostly free. I really wanna go back there and spend my days visiting the museums.