I draw again.

I tried digital today, I used my second-hand table that I got from ebay auction lol.

I am very dissatisfied with the result, the image in my mind was far more beautiful lol. But then that is the difference between my imagination and skill.  I need to practice more. Like my sensei said :’If you can’t do it one try, do it 100 times. If you still can’t, then do 1000 times.’ The color is just off (for god sake I only use grey, black, white and pink lol!), the shading is …plain.. the pose is.. plain hahaha. Well, first try after years so maybe its a good start.

I am updating it to some of my websites, lol. No I am not gonna compare myself to other yet (It will just destroy me. Like whenever I open pixiv or my friend’s artblog. I am crushed to the ground lol). No, its not for other’s appreciation, drawing just make me happy. I get my reward, dopamine in my brain, lol!


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Flickr : Plaupla

You are very welcome to take a look and comment 😀

edited 2/16/2015

Dallas, TX