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I am amazed by random kindness people show here. This might be what they called as Southern Hospitality. Small things, but you never know how much difference that small act of kindness may bring to other people.

For example, whenever I wait for bus, the guys will always let me in first. I felt like a princess sometime, and I felt those are gentlemen. I even had a friend of mine open the car door for me, I was like… this never happen. ever.

And when I entered the bus/train, sometime there are gentlemen that offer their seat to me. Then I also learned, if I see older people, I also offer them my seat.

On a one fine day, my thoughts was burdened by my assignments, as usual. But my face might looked so gloomy. As I bought my groceries in Walmart, it was late that time. There were a bunch of people in front of me, I hung my head, drown in my own thought. One of the guy asked my: “Are you okay?”

His word didn’t register to my head at that time, I wasn’t even listening. Looking at my confused face (any maybe sensed my alerted expression too), he quickly added : “I don’t mean any harm. You just look so sad, that’s why” and I just replied “Oh thank you”.

That might not be a big deal for him. But he cared of some stranger with depressed look lol. I was happy.

In the mid of final week

Dallas, TX