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I ain’t live in Texas if I ain’t seen Rodeo (my own opinion).

Lol  in the summer, when the rodeo season was in motion, some of my colleagues planned to experience Rodeo in Mesquite, Texas. Its quite near from my workplace in Irving. I went there (but no pictures sorry, I was a bit under the weather that time so I didn’t bring my camera).

But anyway its was quite interesting!

The rodeo was held inside a building, like a stadium for basketball but instead of wooden floor it has dirt. It started with a series of different kinds of rodeo and race. It seems to be a competition happening (?) not entirely sure. Anyway, there were people (probably cowboys) riding wild horse and then wild cows. It was interesting how can they sit on top of that jumping horse&cows without saddle. There was some kind of time limit of how long they should be at the back of the horse and cows, and if they fell before the time maybe they have lower score ( because there was announcement after each rider). There were also performance where the cowboys show their skills in lasso-ing a calf and tied their feet from the horse. I kinda feel bad for the calves.

It was not all serious too, there were clowns and funny comments throughout the rodeo performance. There were even cute little kids riding on a sheep, so cute and so brave! They are adorable.

Then at the final, they showed off the bull. Yeah, wild bull (banging and hitting their cages slightly before they were released). I think its pretty dangerous, but these guys know how to handle them. There would be one cowboy ride the bull, 1 clown and 2 distraction. I really appreciate the 2 people dressed in colorful costume which I presume they were there to distract the raging bull so the cowboys can escape if necessary. One of the guy was running to the wrong area where the bull was suddenly run to the same direction and tossed the guy in the air. I hope he was okay.

All and all, it was a Texas experience. I am officially a Texan XD.