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I started my winter journey by flight to San Francisco. But since I was looking for the cheapest flight to go there, I went to San Jose airport instead. It was about 2 hours journey by train from San Jose to San Francisco.

During my flight from Dallas, I sat next to a young boy. We started talked because both of us almost got to the wrong seat. Then like all small talk in a plane, we talk about where we were and where we are about to go. He mentioned that he was from Yosemite, and I am about to go to Yosemite as well.

From there on, he talked about what he did. He is in a gap year church program. So he fundraise in different places in the states for a year. He is very wise for his age, I think the fundraise activity is very good for him because it seem to teach him a lot of life skills. What he did during the fund raising was he talked to people and talk to them. He said it hurts when they reject him but he learn to be grateful and to be sincere. Grateful, like when he saw other less fortunate so he could be grateful of what he has. He mentioned that he is grateful to be healthy, he is grateful of his mother that cooks for him. I think it is a great mindset for a youngster like himself because many (including me) take it for granted. Be sincere, as he was rejected by a lot of people and sometime got a harsh rejection he tried to keep his intention pure for his god. Which in some sense remind me to be sincere in what I did for my religion too. I just think that the general universal kindness applied to any good deed, even in different religion.

One of his story that I remember is when he said he was so touched by a by-passer, a dad and a young child. The child didn’t seem to be very healthy. They listened to him, and after listening to what he was doing by the fundraising, the father said: ‘ what are you doing is really good. keep doing it’ and then he gave everything he got. This young lad was so touched because he didn’t expect such kind word and the father could use it to buy medication for his child but he gave it. He came to be grateful of small things in life. Which is a very good attitude.

I am not a Christian, but I really respect his sincerity in his faith. I think he learned a lot and use his youth by doing good thing. He tried to be selfless and want to inspire other youth to be less selfish and help other. He said he found happiness when he could help other people. By hearing of what he said, I am inspired to do good and have better attitude like this boy. He might be younger, but his life skill might be far above me.

This conversation show me that I could learn from anyone at anytime. This time, my teacher is a young boy with a lot of passion and faith to do good for other. Thank you Hideaki, indirectly by sharing your stories I am inspired. I hope I can see you and show I could do good deeds like you do. And also become a better person.

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San Jose 12/23/2014