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What I really enjoy from this winter trip is that I talk randomly to people and they respond with such sincerity. I don’t even know what their names, just know a little bit about them. It might be a small talk, it might be more than that. Anyway I really like this small-not-so-small-talk about life.

I was riding the cable car in San Francisco that night. I just need to experience the cable car lol (Although it was quite expensive for a transportation 😀 6$ for one ride, but it was worth the experience). The cable car itself is interesting because it doesn’t use electricity and it could run in SanFran’s hilly road.

I casually talked to a person on my right, and talked about where they came. They are also moslem, so we talked a bit. I mentioned that I came from Dallas, then the person on my left said that she and her family came from Houston.

She encourage me and share her life stories. So random, but I like this kind of experience, meeting with new people that I don’t even know their names. Knowing our similarities, share some stories and encourage each other.

We then talked a bit about what I study, and I slipped my worries about studying. Like, I feel I don’t know anything and the more I know, the more I don’t know.

The most memorable thing she said to me was

The more you know, the less you know.

As you get older, you appreciate more what you learn and its just life.