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Sometime what makes me miss Indonesia so much is the food. FOOD. Whenever I see my friend back home or from websites, I would have sudden homesick and will likely to whine to my parents or my friends of how much I want this food or that food. LOL. I am quite lucky to live in Dallas, there are a lot of Asian stores in this city or nearby: 2 korean stores (H mart), Thai asian market in Carrollton, and chinatown too. So alhamdulilah it is not that difficult to find ingredients to cook Indonesian food. (They even sell indomie ufufufuf my favorite msg-filled-junkfood). My point is sometime food can make me alleviate that longing for Indonesia, for me it felt nostalgic and make me feel like I am home. Plus sometime I  can talk Indonesian with the waiter or owner too.

Anyway back to topic, there are several Indonesian restaurant in United States, I only had been to three of them. But if you are Indonesian or you want to try Indonesian food. Go ahead and try 😀


1. Hannie’s noodles

I never ate there but I always find it in KMI mailing list haha

2. Lion city

This is a Singaporean, Indonesian and Malaysian restaurant. The fried rice is taste like Nasi Goreng (yas dat food Mr. Obama likes) in Jakarta ;_; Totally worth it. I don’t know whether its halal or not and also this restaurant only accept cash, so prepare some when you go there.

San Fransisco

1.   Borobudur

My friend recommended this restaurant to me when I visited San Fransisco, the rendang is okay. I don’t know the halal status.


2. Padi
My friend came here and said the Sate Padang is awesome. Its halal.

3. Jayakarta

I didn’t come to this one either, but the food looks good. Come visit and tell me how the food taste lol 😀

 New York

1. Upi Jaya

I NEVER WENT THERE OMGOMGOMGOMG AND I VISITED NY TWICE OMGGG and all of my friend says its heavenly, its so good etc etc.

Here is the review from NY times

2. Java Restaurant

Yelp said its pretty ok

3. Bali Indah

Never been here either but seems legit.

I will add more if I bump to one, or my friends recommend any new restaurant.

Bon Apetit!

Note: There is also an online shop that sell Indonesian stuff if you would like to purchase indonesian stuff such as… indomie or sambal ABC 😀 and for foreigners who would like to try Indonesian food, then this buzzfeed page about Indonesian food may help you. Ps: My favorites are Rendang and Nasi goreng.

1/27/2015 Dallas, TX.  Running away from the reality that I have to program things haha XD