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The origin of my name in Deviantart was because of ‘Hitsuji no Namida’ by Banri Hidaka. I am not usually attracted to shoujo manga/girly manga. But I really like hitsuji no namida, it has pretty interesting plot, interesting character and well fairly nice artwork.

Rihito is the name of the protagonist’s older brother. He is a baka-niichan, he loves his little sister so much (almost like parental love lol). I WANT BRO LIKE THAT lol (yeah keep wishing). The protagonist are a lively but sick girl, Kei Hasumi (another reason why I chose Rihito as my name, because my nickname is Kei) and a gloomy but excellent in life, Kanzaki. The story itself revolve around Kei who lost her memory and looking for a ring. The owner of the ring lived in the apartment which is currently become Kanzaki’s room. So Kei works so hard to get Kanzaki’s permission to enter his apartment. Kanzaki has his own circumstances, he inherited the room from her sister so currently the apartment is so girly (so he doesn’t want anyone to see it).

The relationship between characters are so complicated but still, funny. Kei has two twin older brother who loves/spoil her so much and Kanzaki has completely the opposite, he has two older sister who always bully/discipline him (but they really care for him, they show their affection in ….bullying Kanzaki. Poor guy).

The story also felt like a detectve story of knowing why Kei really wants to find the ring, who is Suwa, what actually happened and is the ring really gone? Wah, I was so curious, I could guess but I really enjoy the progress of the story.

The jokes that are thrown are so funny too. I am really happy to see Kanzaki’s extreme reaction towards almost everything. Poor boy..

I kind of feel relate to this manga because, well.. I had a friend who was slightly in the same condition like Kei. She fainted so many times, everywhere and in my story, I was the Kanzaki hahaha… Kanzaki is always too serious and frown all the time and I felt… this guy is so me .____. that’s also why I laughed at him.

I didn’t pick kei or kanzaki, I wonder why I picked up Rihito (with sama omg). Maybe because the name is rather unusual (and because I want a twin big bro too?).

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Kanzaki (I drew him years back)

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