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I LOVE Yutaka Yamada. He’s one of my favorite composer and Tokyo Ghoul still rules my life.

This song is beautiful. If you want to hear it, its up on youtube. This song perfectly depict Kaneki’s struggle. Plus, this song gives me strength.

On My Own

Composer: Yutaka Yamada

Darkness falls on another day
And the light just seems so far away
Am I here all alone?
Cuz its just feels so cold.. oh so cold
Is there more than what meets the eye
Something higher keeping me alive
Maybe hope buried deep within
Its what we get* to begin again
I must believe in something
I can not see
For now
I’m on my own


Its my will with all my might
To stay strong put up a fight
I’m so lost but not afraid
I’ve been broken up rise again
Don’t give up I’ve come this far
Know what’s right in my heart
I’ll get back to my home
And for now I’m on my own

kaneki bg and light study


Dallas, Tx.

This works like a chant for me xD

I must be strong. I am lost but not afraid. Don’t give up I’ve come this far. Know what’s right in my heart.