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I met with a girl from the Netherlands when I went on a winter trip to Fairbanks, Alaska.

We started talking about food and traditions in Indonesia and Netherlands. I do know in Netherlands there are a lot of Indonesian food and Indonesian food also have distinguished Netherlands’ influence such as Kaastengles or speekook (I don’t know if I write it correctly). Indonesian language are also influenced by Netherlands, we absorb a lot of words from Dutch.


Inevitably we talked about our country’s past.

“Indonesia has a lot of history with Netherlands”

“Indeed we are”

Then silence took us.

She seemed to be a bit uncomfortable talking about it. She thought I might be offended because in the past Netherlands colonized Indonesia. Its already in the past, its not her who colonized Indonesia and I don’t have any hard feelings about it. I even want to go to Netherlands to study again and do Eurotrip! 😀

I am a citizen of the world. The past is important for my knowledge but it doesn’t mean that I should linger on it. yes?

One thing I get from going to United States is that I should be open minded and understand other people  and don’t judge. and always be positive. idk if there’s any connection in that lol.


Lunch break during my NLP class review