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You know, people cross path for a reason.

Lately my mind is challenged and burdened by what should I do after I finish my master study. Go to PhD? get another master and then work (in google, amin) lol or what? and how? and where? Do I really want to be a UXD (in google, amin) lol. What is my dream? (I am not sure but I have a burning desire with Japan). What should I do to make my parents happy, and my self happy while making my ends meet and financially independent.

I am excited and scared for my future. I thought I already know what I want. Now that I am really facing with my choice for my future, I am kind of terrified. Future is dark in term I don’t know what shall happen. I do hope it will be good.

Yesterday, I went to student union to meet my iFriend partner. We talked a bit, then I bought subway because I will have a TA hour for my midterm. Then as I eat, I met with my JSA friend. She asked about how have I been. I randomly talk about what Im currently think. She is much younger than me, but the one sentence that strike me was: “Think about what you will do after this is a continuation. Maybe you will change your mind in the future about what you like and what you want to do, and its fine. think of it like you’re hopping from one to another, don’t let it define you’

hmm… I think its a wise way to think about it. thanks K.

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