I came here to study Neuroscience, the science of mind and brain. Turn out, that my current department (Applied Cognition and Neuroscience) open a whole new world for me.

The neuroscience I once knew was only those related to the biological basis of brain activities (forgive me if I am wrong). More likely related to neural base experiment, molecular science and so on. It mostly applied to medic and biology. Then here, I know that there are branches of neuroscience: cognitive science. I learned a whole lot about cognition here. Through cognitive science and cognitive psychology. I like cognitive science best because that answer a lot of my question (simplified though), like how vision, auditory, perception, attention works. This base knowledge is interesting for me because in the next courses such as in systems neuroscience I learn the pathways in vision, auditory, vestibular etc. I actually love it, that is the knowledge I’m looking for when I start my study (the learning process was steep though, lots of memorization of pathways). But I enjoy it. There, I obtained my neurological and psychological knowledge. Its interesting, but I am not that much fan of the psychology part though.   I love the neuroscience path.

I was kinda thrilled when I know I can learn design. I did take design principles. See, I am drifting away from neuroscience. I was aiming to become a user experience designer. I am more than happy to be able to learn design, and use the knowledge I had in cognitive science (and consequently need to know programming). So I am kind of drifting away from neuroscience to human computer interaction. No problem, I love what I’m doing now. Its just sometime kind of difficult to explain what I do and learn. hahaha.

Then I also learned about programming. I started to learn programming a bit during my undergraduate final. I used MATLAB to analyze my data. At that time, I didn’t exactly know how to use it. In my master program I use Matlab again for speech perception and natural language processing. The latter one is on the way, I am trying to make a sentiment analysis using PERL.

So, what am I studying?

the closest answer for now is human computer interaction (my programming skill still sucks though), so I am not 100% sure if I can call myself in that field. But no problem. Life is learning. I don’t mind continuously learning new stuff.