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Today, as I finished from the Distinguished Lecture Series, I quickly went to the prayer’s room and took wudhu. There was a girl who headed to the bathroom too, so I smiled and nodded as courtesy. Then when I was about to took my wudhu, she asked me my name and gave her name as well.

“Sure, bestfriends met in the bathroom lol”

“You bet, I once met a girl in a bathroom and then prayed. As we chat, I asked her where could I buy a proper jacket since it was my first time in the US and I don’t know anything about winter. Never experienced one either. So that girl promised me to gave one of her unused jacket. When she gave it to me, I found a phone, an iphone inside one of the pocket. She said she lost the phone months ago. So she found the phone again lol.”

“Wow that was quite a story”

“You never know, right”

Then the girl left, and pops her head back in “If you need anything, please let me know”

“Oh thanks”

Wow that was a pleasant 🙂

But honestly, I met and befriend with those who I proudly (or unfortunately) called as bestfriends in bizarre ways one could imagine. I remember my first encounter with one of my so called bestie in campus was when I shouted at her in class. I was the class rep at that time, and her mobile phone wasn’t in silent mode so it was ringing loudly when the professor spoke ( and that professor was a strict one so I didn’t want to mess with her). It turned out that she was the assistant professor for that class. The assistant looked like my other friend so when I knew that she was the assistant for the class, I was thinking: “I’m screwed!!” and hurried to apologize to her. We became close because of that accident, well who know that encounter lead me to met my bestie.

Random chat in the bathroom.


Dallas, TX