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I currently drowned in Touken Ranbu. Its a game of collecting swordhusbando  personified ancient famous swords in Japan. Its getting to me since I saw so many touran fanarts in pixiv. I was genuinely curious who the hell was Munechika jiji and soon fell for Nakigitsune. I particularly crazed about it since a month ago, where I knew I missed the new server opening by a day (and it was filled right away). I got in to the server in mid April and I can’t stop playing it for the whole week.


Nakigitsune was my main target. Later I got him dropping from boss nodes and non-boss nodes after I desperately smithing him in the citadel. Hoh well, he’s cute. (Until I get like almost 20 of nakigitsunes, then it became… umm a bit too much). Little that I know I would need Oodachi swords like hotarumaru and haven’t been able to smith him or get him.


Anyway, the Touken Ranbu wikia is very informative but heavy as hell. As for getting the swords, its pure luck. Well, its not luck, but stats and probability and the back end things. But the general sword recipe is enlisted here in smithing.

Sword recipe from tumbrl. Some work some doesn’t work. well.

This touken ranbu guide is one of the best guide ever, its short, to the point and very clear in explaining the game play also give some tips. This touken ranbu mechanics is also a good start to get a grip of the game.

If you just start the game..

Personally, my advice for the game is if you just started the game, dont get rushy ( I know the temptation could be very high to get all the rare sword or the sword that you want). You might get your dream sword from drops or from citadel.

In era 1-3 you could use your starter uchigatana, and hopefully smith some tachi/oodachi/naginata in the citadel. I survived era 4 with only 3 tachis and 3 uchigatana around level 30-40. But then on era 5 onward, you better grind some high level at least level 50-60 tachi/oodachi to win. Iwatooshi/naginata could only be useful after level 40 above. Leveling iwatooshi is so mendokusai but he’s gonna kickass after level 40-50. Iwatooshi only give 1 damage even after reaching toku level. I almost broke him twice haha. But after level 38, he started to give full damage and sometime able to break two toku tantou enemies. In era 5, oodachi will be great since they can attack up to 3 enemies at the same time and if you have Iwatooshi level 40 above that will be useful too since it will give damage to entire enemy units. I still think that Oodachi are the best swords since they are strong and able to attack maximum 3 enemies. Iwatooshi level 99 is killer too, though sometime his health is slightly weaker than those Oodachi. For era 6, bring your level 40-60 tantou and wakizashi swords is my advice, lower than that you might get them damaged.

Advice for smithing: don’t be discouraged by 1:30 curse lol, we fellow saniwa seems to have the similar experience.

Update for era 6

I have been damaging my lvl60+ tachis, lvl60+ oodachi and also lvl 60 naginata. It turns that for world 6, the army needed are tantou and wakizashis lvl 40-60. The reason being: probably because its night battle and because the game mechanics let the enemy yari only have 9 damages or so, and also because the horses are not useful, the real speed of your swords is lowered. That is probably why my tachis, oodachis and naginata are severely wounded because they are slow so the enemy attacked first. Uchigatana is not effected. Uchigatana and Wakizashi can do combo attack to enemy unit. I love my tantou and I don’t mind leveling them, not to mention that I obtained Hotaru just recently so I am happy to level him up with my cute tantous :> another advice for leveling up the tantou and wakizashi: if you have level 10-20 swords, level up on era 2-4, then level up till 30 on era 3-3. After level 30-ish, you could try to bring them to era 6, just one or two nodes, they’ll survive. The recommended swords (based on the dicussion from wikia) are: sayo samonji, aizen, and honebami toushiro.

I post more about level 6 here

Sword ikemen Touken Danshi History, in case you’re interested: touken ranbu history. I kinda like the history behind Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamatono Kami Yasusada, maybe because they were Okita’s, their story is a bit tragic and I have been in love with Shinsengumi.

I also like emokise  Yamanbagiri Kunihiro and kakaka  Yamabushi Kunihiro, they are a funny kyoudai, especially when emokise being so emo and saying that he was a fake or when he doubt himself. Since Yamabushi kunihiro is my strongest sword, I often put him as captain thus always laughing kakaka whenever I go to the citadel. Kakaka laugh has been growing in me, kakaka. Welp!

Smithing History

My smithing history was kinda disastrous. I got my first oodachi, Ishikirimaru after smithing desperately for Hotarumaru/other oodachi or Iwatooshi. Then got Iwatooshi when aiming for Hotarumaru/jiji. Overall, I haven’t obtain Munechika Jiji/Kogitsunemaru from the famous 350/510/350/350 recipe, but I got Iwatooshi with ordinary naginata recipe 500/600/700/700.

Someone from tumbrl has post this link, just in case if you are kinda desperate to smith jiji. The link written as follows: recipe, mikazuki (times smithed, success rate), kogitsunemaru (times smithed, success rate), idk what are written in the last columns.

550/660/660/550 1:30 nagikitsune

550/660/660/550 3:00 Yamabushi Kunihiro

550/650/650/550 1:30 Yamatonokami Yasusada(U)

550/660/660/550 2:30 Ishikirimaru (O) Leader Yamanbagiri Kunihiro

550/660/660/550 3:00 Doutanuki (T)

600/600/600/510 1:30 nakigitsune (U)

600/600/600/510 1:30 nakigitsune (U)

500/600/510/510 1:30 Yamanbagiri kunihiro (u)

350/510/350/510 1:30 Kanesada (U)

350/510/350/350 1:30 nakigitsune (U)

350/510/350/350 3:00 Shoudakiri Mitsutada (T)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Naikigitsune(U)

500/600/700/700 1:30 kasen kanesada(U)

500/600/700/700 5:00 Iwatooshi (N) leader Ishikirimaru

500/600/700/700 1:30 nakigitsune (U)

350/510/350/350 3:00 Ookurikara (T)

550/660/660/550 1:30 (U) forgot

550/660/660/550 1:30 kasen kanesada

550/660/660/550 1:30 nakigitsune (U)

530/600/510/510 2:30 Taroutachi (O) leader Shoudaikiri Mitsutada

530/660/510/510 1:30 Kasen Kanesada

350/510/350/350 1:30 Kasen Kanesada

530/610/510/510 3:00 Doutanuki (T)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Kasen Kanesada (U)

600/600/600/510 1:30 Kashuu Kiyomitsu(U)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (U)

350/510/350/350 2:30 Heshikiri Hesebe (U)

600/600/600/510 3:00 Shoudaikiri Mitsutada (T)

350/510/350/350 3:20 Kousetsu Samonji (T)

350/510/350/350 3:20 Koutetsu Samonji (T)

310/510/350/350 2:30 Heshikiri Hesebe (U)

550/650/650/550 1:30 Hachisuka Kotetsu (U)

330/650/650/550 1:30 Souza Samonji(U)

330/650/650/550 2:30 Heshikiri Hesebe (U)

525/680/680/595 1:30 Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (U)

525/680/680/595 2:30 Jiroutachi (O) Leader Taroutachi

550/660/660/550 1:30 Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (U)

525/680/680/595 1:30 Yamato (U)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Nakigitsune (U)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Yamanbagiri Kunihiro(U)

550/650/650/550 3:00 Hotarumaru!! (O) Leader Taroutachi

350/510/350/350 1:30 Yamato no kami yasusada (U)

660/660/760/760 1:30 Nakigitsune (U)                                      

525/680/680/595 3:00 kakaka (T)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Kanesada (U)

350/510/350/350 3:00 Doutanuki Masakuni (T)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Nakigitsune (U)

550/650/650/550 3:00 Heshikiri Hesebe (U)

550/750/750/550 3:20 Tsurumaru Kuninaga (T) Leader Hotarumaru

350/510/350/350 3:00 Ookurikara (T)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Yamatonokami Yasusada (U)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Kasen Kanesada (U)

560/560/760/760 3:00 Doutanuki Masakuni (T)

350/510/350/350 3:00 Doutanuki Masakuni (T)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Yamanbagiri Kunihiro(U)

660/660/760/760 1:30 Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (U)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Kashuu Kiyomitsu (U)

350/510/350/350 3:00 Doutanuki Masakuni (T)

350/510/350/350 3:00 Ookurikara (T)

660/660/760/760 1:30 Kasen Kanesada (U)

350/510/350/350 1:30 Hachisuke Kotetsu (U)

660/660/760/760 1:30 Nakigitsune (U)

310/510/350/350 1:30 Yamanbagiri kunihiro (U)

350/510/350/350 3:00 Kane-san (T)

350/510/350/350 3:00 CCP (T)

650/650/750/750 1:30 Yamanbagiri Kunihiro(U)

650/650/750/750 1:30 Yamato no Kami Yasusada (U)

600/600/600/510 1:30  Souza Samonji (U)

600/600/600/510 1:30 Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki (U)

350/510/350/510 3:20 forgot

550/550/550/550 1:30 Yoshiyuki

550/550/550/550 1:30 Kasen Kanesada

550/550/550/550 3:20 Uguisumaru

550/550/550/550 3:00 Tsurumaru


after hundreds or thousands of smithing: 550/550/550/550 4:00 Mikazuki Munechika (internal screaming). Fuji ofuda, leader Hotarumaru, if not mistaken.

Per July 2016, I am not updating the sword recipe anymore since I am mostly hunting the uncraftable swords. 


5.3 Shishio (T)

5.4 node F: Otegine (Y)

6.2 Node B: Ichi-nii


Dallas, 5/26/2015

I should be studying for my final omg.