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I have been learning Japanese for years (not consequently though lol), I decided to picked it up again. Internet allows us to learn and do whatever we want, including learning Japanese or any other language.

Hereby is the list of website I currently use to whip my half-ass Japanese skill

1. livemocha
Its an interesting site where you get certain amount of currency to learn new language, you then use it to learn lesson that are made by native speaker and in turn to get the currency, you have to make lesson in your own native language.

2. tofugu 100 best japanese learning resources
Tofugu is one of the funniest and informative Japan-related website. Might as well give it a try.

3. memrise
This website allow you to memorise vocabs. I used the level 4 and 5 JLPT. But for me memorizing kanji require me to write it on paper, and let my brain and hand memorize it. So even though I had memorize it from memrise, its gone swiftly.

The list will be updated as I found and used other resources.


Depok, 6/10/2015