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I am not broken. Don’t accept whats given to us. What doesn’t work, make it work.

Human can’t be broken. World maybe broken, but you can’t give up. If the current things doesn’t work, its just a bad design. It can be fixed.

That was the speech that was engraved in my mind.

That day, I went to attend Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Hugh Herr. He is one of the leading scientist and engineer in artificial limb in United States. Having artificial limb himself, just as he entered the stage, my eyes were fixed to his artificial leg. Beautiful and elegant, just magnificent and seem unreal.

Dr. Herr is an active climber, an accident in his younger day claimed both of his leg. His doctor amputated both of his leg, from knee down. He then showed us the picture of himself, sitting on a bed and ask a simple question: ‘What do you see in this picture? Do you see despair or hope?’

He said his doctor told him that he would never be able to walk and do activities like normal people anymore. He said he wanted to climb again. So he made his own artificial leg, and few year after the accident he already climb up again.

It amazes me and taught me, that in whatever condition it your attitude that matter. Dr. Herr could have given up, but he didn’t. Instead, he was motivated by his accident and create the sophisticated artificial limb.

May bionic research bloom and nourish in Indonesia as well.

Depok, 06/19/2015