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Around April, close to my departure back to Indonesia, my door is knocked by someone. I was expecting some deliveries for the things I bought. Anyway, so there is this guy. He said he was a student who was applying for scholarship at one of university in Texas. His scholarship committee asked him to sell out books to people or give the books to orphanage. Sounds pretty legit no?

I intended to bought book about dinosaurs for my niece and nephews, so I asked him how much if I want a book. He said it was like $19, I think it was so expensive for a book. I can get one in Amazon for like.. less then $5. So I tried to decline it, he said I will make him loss his scholarship points and he already scribble so much. I felt kinda uneasy but a also a bit guilty. So then, okay I will just buy one. But then he said I must buy two books. I declined it, so he changed the offer, he asked me if I wanted to give to orphanage instead. I said okay, and ask how much should I pay. He told me to pay $12, then I gave him the money. And then he said its supposed to be $20, so I felt like I had enough and wanted to end everything. Guess what he said after that? I can’t have my money back because there is a cancelation fee and I have to call a certain number to cancel whatever I paid for.

I felt like cheated, my own mistake tho, I should have said no since the first time he talked. I hesitated. Lesson learned.

And guess what he asked again to me, since it was a cold day, he asked me if he could borrow a coat. I was in the middle of cleaning up my stuff for my departure back to Indonesia so I agreed, even if he didn’t return the coat, I have nothing to lose since I was about to gave the coat to either the cloth donation box or worse, I would throw it away. He promised to gave me back my coat after 7 PM, after he finished knocking people’s door around my area.

He didn’t return the coat.

It was quite annoying.

Now I kinda know why people in U.S. rarely open the door unless its someone they know. I was distracted at that time. My bad, but I learned my lesson. He didn’t hesitate to ask, so my will to say no was reduced. I used to hesitate to ask anything to other people, but well, looking at this guy who dares to ask me a lot of stuff he wants, to a stranger. I should learn to ask things that I want, well with the right way and politely.

Depok, 6/21/2015