Coming from Indonesia where almost everything is pirated ( I am talking about software, songs, movie, drama, online comics, etc.). I felt a bit ashamed when my friend is totally against piracy.

It explain how CD and DVD is still working and alive here. Like, who wants to rent a CD/DVD/bluray if you could get if for free (by getting it from somewhere in the internet). But that is now how Japanese works. They abide the rule to the heart, and thus faithfully buy/rent the CD/DVD because its legal and right thing to do and it support the artist.

We should have that kind of consciousness in Indonesia as well, I wonder when will people abide the rules in Indonesia. It seems to me that rules are there to be broken ( by most of the people).

I am ashamed, and maybe if I have money I will buy the things that I like. Maybe purchased it online or so. hopefully in the future maybe?

Tokyo, Japan.