For 5 small sized fishes


For the sauce will be written below. 

Will need banana leaves to wrap the fish

And definitely the fish. I use ikan kembung/long-jawed mackerel. You can use many other kind of fish such as tilapia. But I prefer the mackerel since it has less bones. 


– 5 shallots

– 5 garlic

– 1 lemongrass

– 6/7 candle nuts

– asem/4 belimbing wuluh  (something sour)

– bay leaves

– salt and sugar (as much as you want)

How to make: crush (?) (you can use anything to make the ingredients become blended) all the souce ingredients. 

Marinate the fish with the ingredients for a while. Make sure everypart of it has gotten the sauce. Then put the fish inside the banana leaves and wrap it. Steamed it until its fully cooked (for around 1.5 hour. medium fire). 

I am not sure if you understand this recipe. This is a note for myself lol. If you are interested and wanted to make it then feel free to ask. 

The ingredients before its crushed(I used a traditional tool, but you can definitely use food processor. Just be careful with the lemongrass, I think its quite hard). 

It does not look good in picture but its tasty.
Depok, Indonesia