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There are always time when I feel stupid, I feel down, I feel I can’t do this, or when I don’t even believe in myself. What I usually do, beside praying salat or reading Quran to soothe myself, I listen to music or read things that inspire me. Read successful people’s stories. If they can make it, I can too.

1. The Script – Hall of Fame

The message I got was that people can do anything they want, provided if they dedicate themselves in it. If they can do it, so maybe I can too.

“You can be a master
Don’t wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you gonna find yourself
Standing in the hall of fame”

2. TeD Talk: Hope Invites – Tsutomu Uematsu

The talk is about a man’s journey, and questioning dream: ‘What is dream’ he asked, ‘Are we only allowed to dream something that is achievable? or not? Why other people who never does the thing that I am dreamt about says that my dream is impossible?’ The talk also mention about important things in life, instead of money or things, better buy books. Money could be gone, books will make you become a better person. He also mention about his failure and though various path in his life, when he almost gave up on his dream (which is making a rocket), he met a professor who is also dreamt the same. So the dream invites people that has the same dream to complement each others so in the end they could accomplish the dream. If you can hope for it, then you can achieve it. Its important not to lose hope. It may not be smooth journey, like experiment sometime it failed but eventually things get better and it could work.

I am very touched when I hear this talk. My value is also similar to what this guy talk, so I felt very related to his talk.

3. Tokyo Ghoul OST – On my own

Studying abroad, sometime I can’t help to feel alone and lost. I know it was my own will and wish to go abroad to study, therefore when I was down, I remembered that it was my own decision thus got back and fight the books again lol.

“Its my will with all my might
To stay strong put up a fight
I’m so lost but not afraid
I’ve been broken up rise again
Don’t give up I’ve come this far
Know what’s right in my heart
I’ll get back to my home
And for now I’m on my own”

If I remember more, I shall add more.

Depok, Indonesia.