For Map 6-1

I finally get over map  6-1. I need Tantou and Waki at level 60-70 to pass. The recommended swords are all Tantou above level 60/70, if you have. Other recommendation for this map is mix of Tantou level 40, Wakizashi level 60 and Uchigatana above level 90. It seems that this type of swords are recommended to traverse through map 6. Level 40  is the lowest recommendation though, I find it easy to get through the map when I use tantou/wakizashi above level 70. My current level 6 team is: Sayo level 95, Honebami level 88, Aizen level 87, Hakata level 70, Maeda level 81 and Aoe level 71. Even those with level 70 will receive damage so the safest point where they can kill toku enemies are on level 80 above.

For Map 6-2

If possible, get your all Tantou above level 60 equipped with long ranged troops to prevent B rank. Tantou-Waki-Uchi is also okay. Waki tend to perform less than Tantou on the same level though. Oh, one more thing. If you have oodachi/tachi/naginata you won’t get to the boss node.

Map 6-3

I don’t really have much problem

Map 6-4

And now I am struggling again to finish level 6-4 since I am hunting Nihongou. Its pretty difficult. The best recommendation to pass this stage is using 2 tantous, 2 wakis, lv 80 uchi, lv 90 tachi and lv 90 oodachi. But honestly, I don’t have any problem going in 6-4 with all level 90-above tantou/waki ( I still bring at least one oodachi lv99), since they are good for indoor fight and yari Hp 10. Moreover with the kiwame guys, I slay them enemies LOL. Don’t bring lv 60 tachi there, they might break. I almost break Shoudaikiri Mitsutada level 68 and its not even on the boss node. Tantou and Waki are for going against Yari 10hp while Oodachi is for the boss at the last battle. And there is no required sword composition to get into the boss node.


I don’t know about you guys, and I don’t know what is exactly the factor but I am stuck in map 6-1. My swords are Tantou, Wakizashi, and Uchigatana. Sometime my swords had medium damages so I have to retreat, some other time, the dice just doesn’t let me to reach the boss node.

The tantous are Sayo level 68, Aizen and Maeda level 57, Wakizashi Honebami level 63 and Aoe level 56,  and uchigatana Kanesan level 90. They still have medium damage, especially when encounter with Yari 10 hp.

As far as I know, those three type of swords are not affected (much) by night battles. Wakizashi and Uchigatana can do a combo attack together ( Aoe and Kane-san did that). And the game mechanics let both your sword and enemy sword to dodge the catapult or arrow.

Tantou and Wakizashi above level 50 should be able to finish off enemy oodachi. But no matter how strong the sword is, I think Yari HP 10 is just very difficult to be defeated especially when its also strike first. Kane-san level 90 still get damages. and I broke Midare here so I took precautions not to break other swords, he was level 40 something.

Well, on the other hand, I got Ichii-nii from 6-1 second node.


I am still levelling my strongest swords: Iwatoshi, Hotarumaru, Ishikirimaru, Yamabushi kunihiro, Kane-san, and Taroutachi in world 5-4, while hoping to get Jiji somewhere in the node (still hasn’t get jiji yet). But I obtained Urashima Koutetsu from fighting Kebishi, so its ok lol. I am good, all is well.

I am done hoping for Jiji. I am still smithing but havent got him. 

I finally get Munechika jiji after a lot of times of smithing. Then I realize that I obtain him and Kogi after I downloaded the touran pocket (headdesk)