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Education is slow, but powerful – Senator Fulbright

A police officer in Mamuju, Piether Paembonan, empathized with the people in the area where he service as police officer in West Sulawesi province, Indonesia. He saw that there are so many uneducated children there which lead to poverty, low rate of employment and high crime rate especially those involving children. The connection between low education rate and high crime rate is obvious. Without education, they can’t get jobs, without jobs they commit crime.

The police officer, Mr. Paembonan see the problem and thus initiated the “Back to school” movement. Firstly he came to each house and persuade the parents and children to go back to school. Then he reported it to his commander in Polres ( like a county in US) then they collected funds from their own payroll about 50.000 rupiah ( around 4$) from each people in the office to pay the needs such as uniforms, books, school facility and school supplies. This movement started in 2014, and at that time they managed to get 178 children ranged from Elementary school, junior high and high school to get education.

This movement then supported by their whole force in the province level, and in 2015 the “Police go to school” movement noticed by JICA and Indonesian police administration thus given the recognition as one of the best action towards society. It is also received help from UNICEF and in 2015 they managed to help 560 children to go back to school.

One may ask, this is 2016, how come there are anyone who does not even go to elementary school? In Indonesia, unfortunately this kind of things happens. Still happening. Many factors involved in this matters, mostly involving financial condition or those in far off island, its just difficult to go to school. In Palembang for example, a friend of mine told me when he had to go to high school he had to travel several kilometers by bicycle because there is no other way, and since its strenuous, most children prefer to help their parents in their field. Indeed the government has strived to make primary education free for all, but there are still some funds needed to go to school such as uniforms, books , etc.

I am incredibly proud and hope that I could also do the same for my nation (haha!)

Moreover since there is a view that Indonesia police officer are bad, corrupted, well this just show that you definitely could not judge all the same. There are still good things in this world, worth fighting for and there are good people that fight for it.