I am a fan of anime and appropriately I find the anime OST, especially the instrument ones relaxing and interesting. I am always on the lookout of memorable and outstanding original soundtracks. Lately I have been in love with PingPong the animation’s OST. The theme are mainly sounds a bit techno and for myself, it tied strongly towards the anime. I could see the fragments of the anime where they play the songs in.

The first song that make me interested in is:  PingPong OST bokura ha minna ikiteiru

Then the next song : PingPong OST Hero Theme got into my head and play in a closed loop for days…

Then I rush finding the whole OST in youtube lol

Hereby is my recommendation if you are into anime OST. Pingpong the animation itself is an interesting anime, in the sense that it used incredibly weird angle to shoot the characters and places; squiggly drawing, as if its not finished, and beautiful lines.

It has awesome opening too, may fired up your day.