I am actually more like a tea person, but I do enjoy coffee once in a while. Most of the time, I prefer black coffee or starb*cks caramel macchiato.

Last week, I went to Belitung island and learned that people in Belitung, especially in Manggar are very fond of coffee. The city is called “City with a thousand coffee shop” for a reason.

Their coffee comes from South Sumatra, but blended in Manggar, thus the name.  I can’t get over it. I tried the iced coffee milk and then plain black coffee. The fragrance and the taste was so wonderful, it left in my tastebuds for days. Good thing I bought some coffee from Belitung, I initially wanted to give it as present for someone else but I end up wanting it so much for myself.

No wonder sumatran coffee is so famous worldwide. It does taste good. Not too much acidity. Bitter, of course but pleasureable. Ah I am not even sure how would I describe the feeling. One thing for sure is that I am craving for another Manggar coffee.