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fujita – wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii

Oh gosh the title just pierced my heart (lel)

I considered myself as an otaku, and quickly I related to the things that the characters do in this “Its difficult to love an otaku / ヲタクに恋は難しい”. Especially to the girl (lel).

Much to my understanding, that otaku is not considered as a good thing, in Japan (not outside of Japan though lolol). The story revolves around a anime-manga otaku girl that met her childhood friend in her office and then she notice that he is also working there. The guy himself is a game otaku. They begins to get closer to each other and as other shoujo type manga, you can guess the rest. But the highlight of this manga is the otaku-related jokes such as when the protagonist, Hirotaka sits in the well known Ikari Gendou position (from  Evangelion) while the mangaka writes 120% synchronization rate under the manga page. I laughed so hard. And when he asked the protagonist, Narumi to date with him with gaming analogy and then afterward said that he need to raise her affection point, just like in otome game (lol) and asked why Narumi can’t make good choice with (real) men while making good choices in otome games (Lololol).  Narumi’s bestie is also cosplaying as Shoudaikiri Mitsutada from Touran. I think they are so cute.

Overall the manga is a sweet shoujo comedy manga. Much like Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Highly recommended, the artwork is nicely drawn too.


I hunted the sensei down to her pixiv. So If you feeling like reading the manga updates in Japanese, please do (and tell me the translations pleaseee.) and support her if you can, by coming to her booth at comiket or something.

This is Fujita sensei’s pixiv account: ふじた

I have no idea where the chapter 0 is.

chapter 1  wotaku

chapter 2 wotaku 

chapter when Hirotaka’s lil bro coming

all rights belongs to fujita sensei’s. muhahahaha I just humbly one of her fangirl. I guess.