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I currently learning Japanese, German and French. Japanese because I love it, while German and French are for preparation for my next journey. I find it really amusing and confusing to learn three languages at one time. Since sometime I got mixed up. One day, I could was about to ask my Frau German teacher “Sensei, kore wa nandesuka?” or count the numbers in German while I was sitting in French class ” Un, Deux, Trois, Vier, Funf, Six, Sieben, Acht.. wait…I think I got it wrong lol.”

Anyway, what I want to share today is the books I think great to learn these languages for self study

a. Japanese

  • Minna no Nihongo 1 & 2 (and the English/your language translated grammar book.)


  • Their Proficiency test is called JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and is divided into 5 levels. Level 5 being the lowest (or easiest). Here is the sample test if you wanna try.

Book reference:

I know some names that are famous in Japanese literature, such as Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Murasaki Shikibu, and Natsume Soseki. Those are classic, Murasaki Shikubu even considered as one of the early novel in human civilization (it tells about the court in ancient Japan by following a young man -who is basically player- lol). Her novel is titled Genji Monogatari it is available in English by Gutenberg note: its kinda weird to read the names translated to English, for instance, Fuji hime which translated into Princess Wisteria.hmm… and Japanese version from University of Virginia .

b. German

  • Deutsch for A1, A2, B1, B2



c. French

  • Version Originale, for A1, A2, B1,B2


Book for Reading:

La Petit Prince from Gutenberg. Its a free online source for classic books in every language.

The thing with the German and French book is that they are all written in their respective language, so it could be tough for someone with zero knowledge of those language to learn on my own. I find it very helpful to learn with a teacher whose first language is my native language so that they could understand my confusions. Afterwards, then to practice the language, I like to take vocabularies from songs, movies or if I am lucky, with the person who understand the language.

I think I learned English by watching Lion King for hundreds (if not more) when I was a child. I memorize their lines and get the English words from there. I also bravely read Harry Potter novels in English in my teen days (though I skipped most of the difficult words).

Since I am an avid Japanese fan, its rather easy to find the sources for Japanese. Anime, manga, dorama, and songs that I enjoy are in Japanese. Its rather hard for me (now) to get anything related to German and French. I add my vocabs from Duolinggo app (you should try it, its fun and east to use in your smartphone). While trying to find a book in German or French that I like. The little prince would be lovely to read in French, and maybe Les Miserables. If you have any recommendations for (easy) books in French or German that a newbie like me could read, please do tell me and leave some comment down there 🙂