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Indonesia is a very unique country. This, I realize when I was out there. Asked by my friend’s father about my own country. I can’t answer it and I was so ashamed.

“How come Indonesia become 80% moslems? if they were Hindu beforehand?”

“If Indonesia had so many kingdoms, where are the kings and queens now. What happen to them?”

I am surprised with my own ignorance towards my country.

I realize that the history class didn’t really give me much valuable practical information. Hahaha I liked my history class though, but why it doesn’t come handy when I need it. And it is not installed in our custom (or maybe its just me who doesn’t pay a lot of attention)

So a few weeks ago, I had a seminar that told me about Indonesian history that make sense and answer most of my questions.

I will discuss about the things that are interesting for me, related to Indonesian history and facts.

First thing that I want to talk about is the diversity of ethnic groups in Indonesia. There are about 300 ethnic tribes in Indonesia who comes from different back. However, according to the Human Journey by National Geographic. There are three different kind of human migration to Indonesia, which then contribute to our diversity in term of gene.

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    photo from natgeo

    Early human from Africa set out and travel Africa via south Asia to Indonesia and then moved towards Australia which then called as Aborigin. These people are grouped together in  Haplogroups: E, M, N, Q, C, D, CT.  The picture is kind of like most Javanese look like. Brown skin, maybe black hair. But the most interesting point is that some people in Papua and Nusa Tenggara have darker skin (ranged from brown to black) and tightly curled hair, like Aborigin people. This
    human journey make sense for the people that reside in western part of Indonesia, like in Papua and Nusa Tenggara.

  • In the same journey as above, some group of early human set off to East Asia; to Japan. Haplogroups: G, M, O, D, C. These people has whiter skin (whi
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    photo from natgeo

    ch is considered beauty in Indonesia). My friend from Sumatra has these characteristics. I initially thought that they came from Chinese descendants from trading hundreds of years ago. But this early human migration makes sense too. People in South Sumatra, Belitung, are fairly whiter than me (Javanese lol). Though they also live near the sea, which expose them to sunlight. The pigments are just different from the start.


  • path12-china-139807745

    photo from natgeo

    fAnother migration came from continuous journey from Africa – Mediterranean – Middle East- Central Asia -India (which then branched to several ways) and then to Indonesia and spread to Oceania. These groups are Haplogroups: B4, N, O, P, R, S, Y, O. Might be the Malay race. Indonesian does have  striking similarities with Malaysian. 



And then these people bring with them their languages. There are 700 languages in Indonesia. I initially thought that these language resulted from the kingdoms in the past. I think I will make another article about these languages in other post.



ps: don’t trust me too much, I am just an amateur and my list of reading is limited. I will update this article when I find more reliable sources lol.

source: National Geographic