Ngaji, ngaji, what is the English word for Ngaji?

Its basically moslem who gather up to learn about Islam, how to do the prayers, knowing what is okay and not okay in Islam, and how to read Quran (correctly, since Arabic is not that easy to read. For example, I can read it but not exactly right. There are counts for how long a letter should be read based on what the signs are). In Indonesia though, it has become something else especially when ngaji -or pengajian consisted of adults. It also became a social gathering, where one can meet up and do silaturahmi – its another word for meeting up (and gossiping too lol).

Anyway, I never really appreciate ngaji while I was in Indonesia. When it was so easy to do. When there are so many pengajian to go to. I don’t have to go far to learn Islam. I can go to the nearest mosque or come to a teacher.

While I was in Dallas, it was a tremendous effort to do ngaji. To meet up with fellow moslems, to hear a new preachers and to pray together. As I lived in Dallas, and the Indonesian community was in Fort Worth, the nearby city. Its reachable. But since I don’t have  any car, it took me 3 hours roughly to go one way. Taking the bus from my apartment, change it to train to the city and then change to another train that will take me to Fort Worth. Then, I won’t be able to reach the place unless my friend pick me up at the station. Public transportation in DFW is not the best especially during the weekend. People love to use car instead. So this car-less student has to hang on her friends to go places lol.

I don’t know why. Maybe because its easy so I take it for granted.

I should be learning about my religion more often and more seriously. Instead of collecting cats in neko atsume or touken ranbu LOL.