Dear me,



Please remember that life is nothing but a brief transit before that is just filled with laugh and cries. Its brief and fleeting. Do not worry it will not last forever. There must be a an end to anything.

Your life is not only about getting PhD, travel the earth, live in Japan, reach for your dreams, get married, or getting a job.

Its more than that.

Your life questions are these three:

  • Who you are
  • What are you doing here
  • Where will you go next


The journey of your life is bigger. Find your purpose and be at peace with yourself.

But don’t forget to make your mom and dad proud of you. Don’t forget to take care of them as they took care of you from the moment you were born.

Then don’t forget to dream and hope. As they are also fuel for you to survive this life. This life is not long, but you need to be successful in it and afterward.

Laugh, cry, and feel that you truly alive. Do not regret.

As all is in Allah’s will. He wants nothing but the best for you, eventhough maybe sometime you think its not. He knows better. When its already happen, let it go and be ikhlas. For being a moslem means that you surrender. God works in mysterious ways.

When you are in need of motivation, read this letter, remember your god and parents, read your Quran and talk to you your friends. Maybe play some touken ranbu as well or drown yourself in manga and animes. Thats fine, you need a break sometime. You are human. You are not perfect and that is okay.

Just keep moving and just do it.

Everything will be good in time.