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(I dont know the artist cuz I randomly take it from pixiv. kindly let me know the artist if you recognize it. thanks)

A new sword named Juzumaru Tsunetsugu has just been released. He has lovely, serene and beautiful design. Meh, I’m in love. Currently he is smith-able in the citadel with 100/100/100/100 or 950/950/950/950 with Jiji or Monoyoshi as leader and Fuji ema (reported as the successful recipe and more recipe report in wikia). The event will end in 22 March 2016. I highly doubt that I can get him though. But, who knows. He should be smith-able sometime around May. His smithing time is riddiculous, 100 hours. I might scream internally if I can get that 100 hours timer.

950/950/950/950 Leader Jiji Fuji Ema 3:20 Tsurumaru

100/100/100/100 Leader Jiji 00:20 Maeda

950/950/950/950 Leader Jiji 1:30 Nakigitsune

100/100/100/100 Leader Aizen 00:40 Honebami

100/100/100/100 Leader Jirou 00:20 Imanotsurugi

100/100/100/100 Leader Jirou 00:40 Nikari

100/100/100/100 Leader Jiji 00:20 tantou

950/940/950/940 Leader Jiji 1:30 Emokise

Okay, I’m still trying and failed. The event is over. Bye for now Juzumaru.


Cheers, good luck saniwas.


An update, Juzumaru is obtainable in the current event in stage 4. I haven’t been able to get him, but I got Monoyon from stage 2. I am quite happy. Then, off to hunt Juzumaru again 🙂 Recommended troops to stage 4: three level 80-90 tantou and wakizashi and level 90 oodachi/tachi.



As in July 7, 2016 Juzumaru and the drunken tantou is obtainable from event map 4 and map 2 respectively. There are several swords having slightly more possibilities to drop in each boss node maps. From map 1, Hirano and Atsushi Toushirou; while from kebishii fight you could get koutetsu brothers. I dont know about their drop rate.

One more thing, the event is reset each week or so.

haha, lets begin the Juzumaru hunt