As you may know, I am a Japan-related-things-fans.

The third time I step my foot in Japan, I stayed at my friend’s home I was spoiled with Japanese cooking (I love your cooking, Nori-chan). They eat healthy things. They will ALWAYS have vegetables. I

I was browsing NHK and they have recipes that I want  to try because it looks good and yum and simple and something that I may be able to smith cook (yeah someday LOL).

  1. Temari Sushi 

Look how adorable there sushi are. Cute and well sushi aren’t that difficult to make (if I ignore the right way to make sushi.) It’s simple and yet I heard that a sushi master need to practice for years before they actually master the art of sushi making.


2. Sanshoku Ohagi 


3. Zenzai and Dorayaki

The recipe is actually for Zenzai and make the red bean paste for Dorayaki as leftover. As I am not sure where I can get the rice cake here (What is it? Ketan? rice as in rice to eat or to make cakes?). For whatsoever reasons, I had successfully make my mom likes Dorayaki and I want to make one for her. Dorayaki, in a way is a pancake with bean paste. Okay.


4. Kakiage

Japanese bakwan. That’s all to it.

5. Mitarashi Dango

Rice??? Okay I know dango, but from steamed rice??

I am currently having a culture shock. As someone who eats rice for 3 meals, I only see rice as a main dish. or part of it. But making it into sweets? That’s a whole new idea.

6. Fish-cooked Teriyaki sauce

I ate salmon teriyaki in a restaurant and can’t really get over it so let’s try this one.

7. Sato to kinoko no hoiru yaki

8. Okonomiyaki

I actually made okonokiyaki years ago, when I lived in Bandung. I can easily get Japan ingredients (with such high price, tearing a student wallet apart LOL). I don’t know where to get the ingredients in my current place though. As for my amateurish opinion, okonomiyaki felt and smell like okonomiyaki when it has loads of katsuobushi. But then, when I actually went to Tokyo and Osaka, the holy land of Okonomiyaki, its not that much. I mean yes there are a lot of katsuobushi but the main thing, Okonomiyaki’s kanji words basically means things you like, friend. How can it get better than that, eh?

9. Gyoza 

It tasted great, Nori-chan made one for me from scratch. I love it. It seems to need a lot of efforts though.

11. Sata andagi 

Small bites fried buns

12. Kuroketto 

13. Chikkin Namban

14. Yasai no fukume ni

Will report the success rate of the recipe.. probably.