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Chocolate Wafer – a free giveaways during an open-house for a new mosque in Differdange




View in the train to Luxembourg city ( I somehow like seeing something from The sound of music)






Offered to eat dinner with my  new Marrocans family friend. Its a traditional dish called Coucous.  

Here I am, in Luxembourg.

where is that? its between France, Belgium and German. Its a small wealthy country. which I currently live in now.

I came here knowing no one.

Yet Allah sent me a family with such unlimited sodaqoh. They bought me my first huge grocery to settle down. not just that, they also gave me lots and lots of fruit and food that they have.

How can there be someone this good? To a mere stranger. I didn’t know them at all a week ago. Yes exactly a week ago I just came to this city, this country, this continent even, knowing no one. Wondering if I had taken the right decision to move and pursue career and education here. Wondering if I should come here at all. I felt so lonely and I went to Mosque in Esch, the nearest city from me. I wept as I did my Ashr prayer knowing that there are brothers who also praying in the same building. That moment of realization that I am not alone.

Then a brother who speaks English come to me and asked me. He told me that there will be a sister meeting tomorrow, his wife will be coming and some other sisters too. So the next day I have sisters, then my networks gets bigger. I knew more people. Alhamdulillah.

But this Morrocon family helped me with my settling down. FIrst and foremost, accepting me like a family. Someone they don’t know, within 2 days. That is something I can’t ever be able to repay them. Nextly, treat me with so many things they have. They share food, clothes and even bought me my huge groceries? I know in Islam there is an importance in sodaqoh, but you know… they sodaqoh is like unlimited. Because they not only treating me but also their friends. Mashaallah, their capability of giving is way way more than me. I don’t even know if I can be like them. Giving out that much. I hope I can give back to them in some way and be good moslem like they too.

May Allah protect them and their family here and afterwards.