Monday is Lundi Pantecoste so its holiday in where I live so I decided to go to Keukenhof to see some flowers.

I contanced my friend who is there and ask her what is the best way to come there.

Then the journey began, I started in the luxembourg station to Brussels. The scenery was green. I passed through some mountains  its spring so there are flowers sprouting in the grass and among the trees. Then I don’t really see the difference between lux and belge. The house is a bit different though. They are made of brick in Belge. And then as i notice the language started to change. Not that I understand french by now but I know some words. And in lux I also get used to german too. In this trip I started to hear dutch as well. And in the brussels station everything is written and announced in german, french, dutch and english.

Then I enter the netherlands. I notice sone similarities with indonesia.

Some of the words sounds very familiar. Like spoor for instance was pronounced as sepur in Indonesian and it means train. Stroop, syrup.

The stations are also look similar to our station back home. Down to its construction. No wonder, since the dutch built it in Indonesia.

The people speak English so it helps me  a lot. Though I still got lost on my first bus.