Updates June 2016,

New maps has been released, containing new swords at the boss node. Overall difficulty maps has increased (notice the stars are 10 stars, not 5 stars anymore).

Map 7-1

Damn this map is difficult. Even level 99 Oodachi with full troop might have severe damage here. Expect to lose troops and don’t bring any swords lower than level 80. My Oodachi level 99 got medium damage and I think even Iwatooshi level 99 got severe damage. Pretty scary. You can get Monoyoshi Sadamune at the boss node though. So if you haven’t get them, that’s a good news.

I finally able to finish the map with Hotaru, Matcha-guy Ishikirimaru, Taroutachi, Iwatooshi all level 99 and Jiroutachi level 78. At least two will get med to severe damage (which is bad coz their repair time takes forever).

Some new game mechanics are implemented here. I’d say they are similar to Kancolle’s kai-ni mechanism and almost when like Hige and Hiza’s could upgrade twice, its just the upgraded sword is now limited to Midare, Gokotai, Imanotsurugi and other two toshirou (forgot which one lel).

Map 7-2

I haven’t been able to clear the map. The difficulty level is too high, my strongest team ( Hotaru, Tarou, Ishikirimaru, Iwatooshi, Kane-san, and Yamabushi all level 99) could not even thrive through 3 nodes. I tried to mix with sayo level 96 and honebami lebel 92 and they still getting damages. Seriously the enemies are very strong. Its like the whole enemy troops has gotten as strong as Yari hp 10 (worse, they got Yari hp 25 which is even more difficult to defeat). Idk how to clear the map just yet.


Finally, I finish the map. I thought I need at least a kiwame sword but it doesn’t matter. I go with my usual strongest team. Hotaru, Taroutachi, Ishikirimaru, Iwatooshi, Kakaka guy all level 99, and Jiroutachi level 82. 3 oodachi got severe damage but well at least I finished the map.


Have fun

Esch, 5/28/2016