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I was walking home, dragging my feet with 5 litre of water on my backpack, each one litre of raspberry juice, orange juice and pepsi cola on my shopping bag oh and also a pack of delicious cakes on my left hand (I am good at it, I know lol).

It was the first day of ramadhan, the holy month for moslem where we fast from sunrise till sunset. The moslem girls from Tunisia in my apartment invited me for ifthar together since it was  the first ifthar so it should be kinda special. I was about to go home and prepare for the ifhtar when two people walk on the opposite direction. The first one was an elderly gentleman and I said Bonjour to him and apparently he didn’t see me. Anyway, since the first person was greeted so I should also greet the second person. She was a lady with a beautiful curly hair. I was about to greet her before she said “Ramadhan mubarak!” So my jaw dropped and replied the same. I couldn’t hide my happiness and ask her if she lives around so we can invite her for another ifthar. She said she lives far (maybe she was scared of me lol who suddenly ask her haha). So I awkwardly hugged her and wish her to have a good day.

Well that made my day.

So at around 8pm I started frying some fritters but then the lights out. It kind of frustrating because the building next to ours was still on. So everyone pops up their head to he alley of the apartment (which light still on!?) And ask if my light was out. All room’s  lights in the building was off. For god knows why. But someone called the emergency number and speaks in french so its good I guess. Not so good for us the fasting girls since the food wasn’t prepared. But we laugh ourselves and luckily one of the girl who was in charge for main dish finished her food so we still could eat. Not with the finished salad or proper appetizer but still we can eat so its good. Alhamdulillah.


The light was from the laptop. And we ate in the darkness as the sun has gone set. Well, at least I was not alone. None of us has to suffer alone eating our first ifhtar alone in the dark would suck. Friends do make things better.

They made a tunisian food for me to taste. It was delicious. I already forgot what their exact names one was rice dish (it was like sherbet or sharbet and it was rice with spices and chicken. Kinda reminds me of pakistani’s chiken briyani but instead the spices was colored yellow, it was red colored and taste tomato-ish) and the other was soup. I should have brought bala bala/kakiage but.. the lights failed me lol.

We finished our food and giggled. Then pray magrib and watched some tunisian live stream (which I dont understand of course, and yes the internet was on).

So we closed the day and said thank you to each other and I went to my room to sleep. I was so sleepy when I left my friend’s room and I remembered I havent drink a lot so I drank three bottles of water and left myself unable to sleep until around 1.30am. Great ._.

But then its a new day. Thundery day lol 

Ramadhan day 1.

p.s I am trying to publish one post a day during ramadhan. Insyaallah lol. If I am not too lazy to do so 🙃
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