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This is actually Kazuki, but Makcik wouldn’t mind having her pic represented by cat. She is over cats. Her profile picture is often cat. So, meet Kazuki instead ‘kay 🙂

This is my response to a post in which makcik writings about me (in Indonesian. She is my beloved sister (from my point of view). In that post she described me, I was delightfully surprised. You know the term ‘Friends, insult you in the front, praise you at your back’ truly applied with our relationship. I always thought that she hated me, for some reasons she always rub me in the wrong places. Having a slightly tempramental personality (in my younger days), we end up insult each other. I didn’t know that it was her way of showing her affection.

During my undergraduate final assignment, I conducted my experiment in Department of Physics Engineering. I was a biologist at that time, but since I studied about brainwave, I had to conduct the experiment in Medical Instrumentation Laboratory. At that time, I met a lot of friends, those who also conducting their experiment in the lab. We quickly become friends, not only me and maktjik but also Uma, Tante, Teko, Nanu, Naren, Abang, Teh Gigi and a lot of other people that always hang around in the lab.

We called her, Maktjik. She is a young and energetic fellow from Belitung. She always showed us beautiful landscape of Belitung which almost certain in igniting somekind of envy in my heart because of the beautiful white sandy beach and wonderful pictures she took.

The best way to describe her is unwavering. If she has decided on something she will stick it to the end, no matter how difficult, no matter how hard, no matter how bitter whatever her decision lead her to. Those applies in the matter of educational choice, life, relationship and friendship. Her faith and knowledge in religion is awesome as she truly applies Islam teaching in her daily life. One of the example that I was surely touched with what she did, was when we ate at (somewhat) canteen near our undergraduate campus, ITB in Bandung. There were a kid, a beggar (which is usual in the area). My usual response would be gesturing that I don’t have changes and I won’t give that kid money. Her response was asking if the kid was hungry and what he would like to eat, since we were about to have lunch together. I was like…. ashamed and in awe. Got it, I need to follow this example. She also like to give people things and absolutely forget about it afterward. Like this saying”always remember the kindess given to you, and forget the kindess you gave to the other. Do not expect anything in return when you give anything to anyone”. I once sleepover at her place, we talked and chatted until late at night. When I was about to went home, she gave me a pair of braind new shoes and saying she only wear them once and she didn’t like it so she gave it to me.

She also has the widest heart one could imagine. wide heart, is that even a word. I am not sure.

She published a book! Like how talented she is ( her photograph is user awesome) and maybe its a thing with people from Sumatra. They have their way with words. Her sentences are poetic. She is actually making another book which totally consist of poetry. Yet with all those achievement she is so humble. If I were to praise her, she will talk about something else or talk in way that annoyed me so much that I forget I wanted to praised her.

“I don’t want to have any attachment to this world.” She said to me. I was like… wait what, you are young. Well I also know that I need to remember that I will die someday. She reminds me often, not that she intend to. She usually reminding herself but when she said so, she reminds me. She is my inspiration.

And the best thing about her is that she is always there for me. Always.  She listen to my whims,  listen when I am happy, listen when I am down, and even when I am angry. She doesn’t get pissed off when I got angry, she gives me advices when I am in doubt (which happen very often. I am kinda wishy-washy) , and she happens to knows when I am at the lowest point of my life. She is always there.

God knows how much I kept you in my prayers. Wish you all the best, in life and afterwards. Please go after your dreams, I hope you get what you dream of.

(Makcik, I bet you know I am writing this accompanied by a lot of tissues because I most certainly wept and missed you so much. I also know you will laugh at me when I am crying. You are so annoying and I love you so much, dear sister).


Ramadan day 4.

Esch, 6/10/2016